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6 Way Attendees Get Annoyed and How Planners Can Make it Right
Dec 16, 2014 by
As we move through the holiday season, it is the time for festive parties and gatherings. A time to reflect on what irks our attendees the most and ways to improve upon the meeting planning process this month and in the coming year. Sometimes the "little things" that are overlooked in the planning cycle become big things which can lead to poor attendance in future events, meeting participants leaving early, and scathing social postings about your organization and event. Six Things That Can Re...
SSR – Socially Savvy Events
Dec 12, 2014 by
By Tia Crawford Events are always about making social connections—even when they’re about budgets, product launches, sales figures, rallying employees to get them excited and energized (or any of the two million other reasons that businesses participate in or organize events), the real reason behind getting people together is . . . getting people together. The human element is the most important difference between sending a memo and holding a meeting. For this reason, no matter what the off...
Interactive Event Technology Trends for 2015
Dec 11, 2014 by
If you’re planning on exhibiting at any events in 2015, or you’re an event organizer and you’d like to know what you should be thinking about when it comes to your technology choices, read on. We recently had a chat with Steve Shatsoff – Senior Vice President at SmartSource Computer & AV Rentals to get a glimpse into upcoming event technology trends for 2015. Steve has been in the technology rental business for decades, so he has a good perspective on what trends are coming up that a...
Technology Solutions That Make Us Thankful
Nov 26, 2014 by
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, in a previous article titled “What to be Thankful for at Your Next Event”, we talked about some of those little things at events and conferences which are worth noticing and being grateful for. Those of us who work in the business of technology have a lot of reasons to be thankful. Technology is a tool which can save a life, serve as an inspiration, and it can support leaders and speakers to help get their message out. And most of us here would not have the bu...
What to be Thankful For at Your Next Event
Nov 24, 2014 by
For those of us who attend events, either as a spectator or exhibitor, or both, we enter into a magical world where there is a lot to see, people to walk with, and new products to become familiar with. If we’re exhibiting, we set up our booth with some jazzy new technology (which we of course rented from our most reliable favorite company SmartSourceRentals) that is bound to attract attention and strengthen our message and brand. We take for granted that everything will be there for us. We ...
Saving Green by Going Green
Nov 20, 2014 by
Events are fleeting, but their environmental impact can last forever. Delightfully, we live in a time when environmentally responsible options are not only tolerated, but encouraged! Modern Event Planners no longer need to make sacrifices in order to meet the green standards that their clients and attendees now prefer. Best of all, many green options save money as well as resources—leaving budget goals met, and allowing for upgrades in other areas! Think Local While it’s easy to dream of e...
Event Technology – How to make Bigger Displays Truly Better
Nov 13, 2014 by
Steve Shatsoff – Senior Vice President at SmartSource Computer & AV Rentals – has been in the technology rental industry long enough to remember when PCs and the floppy disk first came out. This long-term perspective gives him the ability to not only appreciate where we’ve come from as a society, but also where we are going and what you need to know to make good technology rental choices. Steve, everyone seems to love the “wow” factor that comes from mammoth digital signs. Does th...
Avoid These 30 Mistakes so Your Booth is Not a Bust
Nov 11, 2014 by
Knowing the common mistakes most event goers make when it comes to planning, preparing, and running their exhibit booth, and then avoiding those mistakes, will allow you to fly through each stage with ease, confidence, and a much better booth ROI. Here are 30 exhibit booth mistakes to avoid: Picking the wrong shows.  It’s important that you know why you are going to exhibit at a particular show. Attendance should not be your key factor but rather the potential quality of the leads. In othe...
SSR – Customized Technology for Financial Services Events, Part Two
Nov 06, 2014 by
By Tia Crawford In Part One of this article, we discussed six critical objectives of Financial Services Industry events. Moving forward, customized technology can help you attain the high standards and lofty goals that are expected of financial institution meetings and conferences. Financial Services Industry events have a strong focus on corporate image, and financial institutions rely heavily on the data they are able to collect from events as a result of integrated event technology. If high...
SSR – Customized Technology for Financial Services Events, Part One
Nov 04, 2014 by
By Tia Crawford As an Event Planner in the Financial Services Industry, you recognize that your events have specific needs, and technology is a critical factor in modern events. More than just providing equipment, the right event technology partner can become a trusted advisor that helps you ensure that your event is exceeding the demands of the industry. In Part One of this article, we look at the mission and focus of Financial Services Industry events, and discuss the unique objectives and st...
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