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The Sweet Smells of Spring
Apr 06, 2012 by
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Why Audience Response System Rentals Make Sense for Your Next Meeting
Apr 04, 2012 by
What do shows like Oprah, Dr. Phil, Rachael Ray and organizations like Harvard Medical School, Humana, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, American Express, Walt Disney World, and Bristol-Myers Squibb have in common? They have all have used wireless audience response systems! Gone are the days of using paper handwritten response forms which are unwieldy and took several hours to compile the data. In addition, someone had to interpret poorly written responses.  ARS units o...
6 Speaker Selection Tips for Your Next Meeting
Apr 02, 2012 by
A recent survey, by Tagoras and Velvet Chainsaw Consulting of 250 respondents from 170 organizations, shed new light on how speakers can be be more relevant to attendees by providing them with current content. In addition, they suggest other ideas to help associations coach and evaluate their speakers. Below are their 6 tips along with my input on how interactive technology tool rentals can help achieve these goals.  Tip #1: Sponsors Fund Speakers 87% of the respondents seek sponsors...
5 Great Reference Questions to Ask About Event Rental Service Companies
Mar 30, 2012 by
You have the meeting location, dates, and speakers lined up. Phew! Now onto the more intricate part of the meeting planning process, selecting ground transportation, choosing the caterer, renting audio visual equipment, and so on and so on. How do you know the good vendors from the bad ones? The best thing to do is ask around in the industry and get credible references. Here are 5 great questions to ask those references that can make you more comfortable in the selection process. Did th...
The Bandwidth Burden: The Premise, The Problems and The Answer
Mar 28, 2012 by
The Premise:  Attendees are given or come into a conference with an array of mobile devices, including a smartphone, laptop, or tablet. They expect the venue's network to be as fast as their network at home or work. At home, they might have 15- or 20- megabit download speed (very fast) and it should be the same where ever they travel.  The Problems: With 500 attendees simultaneously connecting all those devices to the venue's network, the bandwidth can come to screetch...
Meeting Planners Spill the Facts about the Industry
Mar 26, 2012 by
Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) recently published their 21st Annual Meetings Market Survey in Convene Magazine. They surveyed 560 planners, of which 60% were PCMA members. Lets review  the results of this survey with emphasis on the the type of planner that responded, the trending in the industry, and where they see the biggest cost for a typical meeting.  The respondents fell into the following categories: 67% are Meeting Professionals ...
Enhance Attendee Experience by Playing Games
Mar 23, 2012 by
    When the Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC) held their 3-day Sustainable Meeting Conference last year, they wanted to do something different with their 260 attendees. Their goals were simple; GMIC wanted better engagement of attendees and a way to bring home the mission of sustainability.  They decided to create a highly collaborative and competitive game that would break the attendees into 15 randomly chosen teams. The teams had iPads preloaded with: The game ap...
4 iPad Conference Applications for Your Next Event
Mar 21, 2012 by
So you have convinced management to get rid of those binders and rent iPads for your next meeting. The sponsorship opportunities are abounding, and the attendees are excited to be using them. But what about the applications? Below are 4 applications that can get you started on selecting an app that's right for your event. ChirpE Mobile and Social Media Platform This web-based mobile application from a2z, Inc. includes the following features: Full conference agenda Personal ...
Left Brain, Right Brain: How Presentations Can Have More Impact Using Both Sides
Mar 19, 2012 by
The right brain is responsible for intuition and emotion while the left brain insists on just the facts. We need both sides of our brain to function in life, but how does this apply to event meeting planning professionals handle messaging at conference and meetings? Typically, we hire speakers and facilitators that evolve their messaging around the left brain. Why? Because that is the way we learned and processed information since we were in 1st grade. Teachers gave us the facts, we injeste...
6 Steps to Keep Your Event Clients Coming Back
Mar 16, 2012 by
Great news! You won a large contract for a corporation or association annual meeting. You and your team are very excited to be working with this client, but when the event is over, what can you do to remain in the forefront of the client's mind? Try these 6 simple tips to keep them coming back to you, year after year, event after event. Tip #1: Really Get to Know Your Client.  You know that age old adage, "We do business with people we know and like." How well do you k...
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