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Techniques to Increase Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth
May 06, 2011 by
I have been following a LinkedIn discussion about how to increase traffic to a trade show booth for quite sometime now. As of today, there are 256 comments and it will probably continue to grow. Below, is a synopsis of many of the relevant comments as they relate to renting audio visual equipment. Dan Wolan, Director of Business Development, Productions Plus -- The Talent Shop, said "You've paid for the booth space, the graphics, the production, the premium incentives, the travel and h...
4 Benefits to Recording Your Next Meeting or Event
May 04, 2011 by
Your organization has spent a lot of time and money putting together the perfect meeting or event. Why not record that event for historical, reach, and/or training purposes?  If you are considering producing an audio recording of the event, here are 5 easy steps your organization needs to take: Get the speaker's permission to record the event. Make certain you have written, signed agreement with the speaker. Keep it on file at the office and at the event. Most speakers I have worked ...
How Your Next Event Can be More Like the Royal Wedding
May 02, 2011 by
Here are some astounding facts about the recent wedding between William Windsor and Kate Middleton:2,000 people attended the service in Westminster Abbey;1,000,000 people lined the streets and parks along the route to and around the Abbey;2 billion people watched the ceremony worldwide;There were 5,500 street parties and;8,500 journalists covered the story.Wow! We, in the event meeting services industry, would love to just have some of this type of attraction and attendance at our next event or ...
4 Ways to Make Your Next Meeting Suck
Apr 29, 2011 by
Want your next meeting or event to be dull, lifeless, and disorganized? Just follow the tips and techniques below and I can guarantee your attendees will be totally dissatisfied with your event. Okay, okay I'm not going to leave you hanging. At the bottom of each faux pas, I will give you best practices for a great meeting. 1. Set up your presentation services audio visual and have the talk during the meal.Don't give your attendees any chance to network without outside distractions. Have th...
In Honor of Earth Day: Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rent
Apr 27, 2011 by
“Greening” an event or meeting involves all aspects of the planning process, including a detailed collaboration of everyone, from planner to supplier, from venue to attendees. Below are some tips to make your next event much greener, thus improving your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and image. Renting Audio Visual Equipment Use kiosk rentals for digital signage, advertising, and sponsorship promotion instead of a printed program that also needs to be shipped to the eve...
Supercharge Your Meetings with Wireless Audience Response Systems
Apr 25, 2011 by
Audience Response Systems (ARS) give you the power to transform any meeting into an interactive and productive gathering from boardrooms to conventions and from companies to associations.  How does audience polling work? Wireless Audience Response Systems transmit wireless feedback from attendees to event organizers with a simple press of a button. Real-time results are then displayed on graph or chart in the front of the room. Audience Response System rentals are great for: ...
Spring Celebration from AV Event Solutions
Apr 22, 2011 by
E v e r y s p r i n g i s t h e o n l y s p r i n g - a p e r p e t u a l a s t o n i s h m e n t . & n b s p ; ~ E l l i s P e t e r s & n b s p ; & n b s p ; C e l e b r a t e S p r i n g a n d a l l t h a t i t h a s t o o f f e r ! F r o m y o u r f r i e n d s a t
6 Benefits of Using Kiosk Rentals for Tradeshows and Events
Apr 20, 2011 by
Computer kiosks are durable and ideal for tradeshow and event use. This technology usually includes a touchscreen monitor, PC that is encased in a locked, durable cabinet, and wireless Internet. The best things about this tool is it can be utilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, requires minimum set up and take down, and does not have to be manned by a person.Touch Panel Kiosk Applications Include: Self-service event registration: This is ideal at a large conference where many of the atten...
Ways to Motivate Your Attendees with SUCCESs (no this isn’t a typo)
Apr 18, 2011 by
 How many of you have been to a PowerPoint presentation that looks exactly like this? Speaker walks up to the front of the room and thanks everyone for being there; Runs through a black and white PowerPoint Presentation with about 60 to 75 crowded slides in 55 minutes; Rushes through a 5 minute Q & A and; Skates out of the room at the end to catch a plane or car. I have been to a million (okay a little exaggeration) of these and in the interest of full disclosure, I ha...
How to Use “Crowdsourcing” at Your Next Association Meeting
Apr 15, 2011 by
Crowdsourcing, as defined by Wikipedia, is the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by one person, to a large group of people (a crowd) through an open call. It was developed to solve complex problems and allow multiple people to contribute with a variety of relevant and fresh ideas.  Crowdsourcing was first coined by Jeff Howe in Wired magazine as combo word for "crowd" and "outsourcing". Henk van Ess, a social media strategist, said "Crowdsourcin...
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