Event Beacon Technology Software

Event Beacon Technology Software

Use Behavioral Data to Enhance the Attendee Experience and Justify Event Spend

Event Beacon Technology software combines low-cost, wearable beacons with cloud-based analytics that capture a 3-dimensional view of your event in real time and provide unprecedented data and insights into booth performance that you can use to measure and optimize event ROI.

Organizers: Do Your Job Better & More Efficiently

Event Beacon Technology software enables you to provide actionable data to your leadership, exhibitors, and attendees as well as a rich set of attendee behavioral data to prove the value of your event to your stakeholders. Predictive analytics let you develop data-driven attendee features, and event-wide behavior trends and granular booth and session-level data help you and your exhibitors optimize the attendee experience.

Exhibitors: Justify Your Spend

Event Beacon Technology software can increase the quality of attendees in your booth and the impact of your conversations. It feeds exhibit floor behavioral data to predictive analytic models that send alerts to attendees with the right interest profile to push them to your booth or session. The solution also provides unprecedented data and insights into booth performance that you can use to measure and optimize ROI.

  • Wearable beacons
  • Doesn’t require an attendee mobile app—can be used by any event
  • Intuitive, web-based dashboards and UIs for event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees
  • Real-time booth traffic and aisle traffic data feed to exhibitors during the event
  • Predictive analytics push real-time suggestions to attendees for sessions, exhibitors, and other relevant activities based on aggregated attendee behavioral data
  • Attendee dashboard details everything an attendee does at an event—helps the attendee justify their investment of time and money to attend the event