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Video Walls Create High-Impact Viewing

A seamless LED video wall rental from SmartSource is a turnkey solution to make a high-powered impact at your next event. These units immediately grab the attention of anyone nearby, wherever they are setup.

Our video wall displays are created by arranging a series of 42” LED or plasma video wall monitors into a literal wall of flat screens. These display panels can be arranged to suit your specifications and achieve your desired effect.

Our programmers, on-site technicians, and professional installation crews will ensure that your video wall displays your material in exactly the way you want it. Each monitor can act independently, providing more opportunities to convey your information, or have us configure the video wall monitors to act as one and maximize the size of your images.

Video Wall Display Rental Features:

If you want to be remembered at your next event, look no further than SmartSource Rentals’ seamless video wall displays.

Video Walls can Make a HUGE Impact!

For business events, there is no greater impact available than customized video walls. These monumental screens offer the largest possible viewing area for your business or sponsorship content!

Audiences are bombarded with sophisticated messages wherever they go. It takes a lot of power to punch through the noise to grab and hold their attention.

The large viewing area and multi-image capability of video walls provide a highly engaging platform to drive your message home. By displaying full-motion video, animation, still photos, and graphics at resolutions up to 1080p and 4K, video walls provide a powerful digital canvass to articulate your value proposition and entertain audiences.

Video Wall Displays Are Perfect for:

Interaction that Delivers Your Message

Want to see more on how our video walls can make a huge impact at your next event? Watch our Video Wall Video

Get the technology you need and the service you deserve for a hassle-free LED video wall rental experience. Contact SmartSource Rentals and get your Video Wall Rental Quote today!

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