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Month: September 2010

What Projection Screen Type Do you Need for Your Next Event?
Sep 29, 2010 by
Projection screen selection can be very confusing given the different types, vendors, and models available. When considering your next screen rentals, these are some factors to keep in mind: Do I want a front or rear projection screen? Front projection screen rentals are the norm, however rear projection screens offer a clearer and more impressive view of the presentation. If there is a lot of dark space behind the viewing surface, such as an auditorium or riser setting, the rear projectio...
Are Your Meetings Really Green?
Sep 27, 2010 by
The Green Initiative has been around for a long time, but hasn't really been implemented in the Event Meeting Services industry until a few years ago. Using the simple theme of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" this article will focus on little things Event Planners can do to make their meetings greener. REDUCE Check to see if your venue has a Green Initiative and/or Policy. Are they actively utilizing it? What steps have they taken to reduce energy consumption or waste?   T...
Essential Tools for a Breakout Room
Sep 24, 2010 by
When it comes to a large conference or meeting, the breakout rooms are essential to the success of the overall conference. When considering conference equipment rentals one thing that is often overlooked are the needs in the breakout room. When evaluating a venue, it is best to consider the following checklist to ensure that the presentation services audio visual company can meet your needs.Let's start with the "Low Tech" items. Each breakout room should have the capabil...
Microsoft’s Tablet PC vs. Apples’ iPad — Which is the Better Choice?
Sep 22, 2010 by
Should your Event Services Company rent Tablet PCs or rent iPads for your next event? The discussion below will explain both interactive technology tools, the various applications that run on each platform, and their use for meetings and events.The Tablet PC is a fully-functional personal computer running Microsoft® Windows® XP that is pen, handwriting, and speech-enabled. The combination of software and hardware in a Tablet PC, which can be on many platforms, al...
Computer Kiosk – The Cool Interactive Technology Tool
Sep 20, 2010 by
A computer kiosk rental is a stand-alone PC with a locked integrated housing unit. The terminal usually contains a monitor and keyboard or pointing device, unless it is touch-screen operated. A computer kiosk is designed to be a "self-service" unit. This means users do not have to know anything about the computer itself or the applications that run on it. The event meeting services organization should make certain that all applications on the computer kiosk are highly intuitive. T...
Five Ways to Contain Audiovisual Costs: Do I really have to pay for that?
Sep 17, 2010 by
Are your Audio Visual Equipment costs:A) Outlandish?B) Justifiable?C) Hidden? orD) Unexpected? Hopefully, you answer B most, if not all the time. However, if you sometimes feel like the event services company is not being fair, here are some ways to open up the lines of communication and help you through the technology maze.1. Determine Your Audio Visual Equipment Needs (Unexpected). This may seem like a simple matter, but it extremely important to understand e...
9 Years after 9/11: Has the Meeting Industry Rebounded Yet?
Sep 15, 2010 by
Nine years and billions of dollars later, are we safer and have these measures made a difference? Some say yes, others no. Here are the facts: Osama bin Laden is still at large and we have no firm idea where he is.Terrorist experts Peter Bergen and Bruce Hoffman believe Al-Qaeda is a weaker but more complex threat to the United States. The fighting force they once had has shrunk considerably.According to the New York Times, despite $7 billion in federal grants, we still do not have a single, nat...
Get Attendees Involved at Your Next Event with an Audience Response System
Sep 13, 2010 by
    A Wireless Audience Response System, such as the one above,  combines hardware with presentation software. Benefits of an Audience Response System Audience Response Systems offer many benefits to Event Meeting Services Planners and Organizations. Here are just a few of the potential benefits:   Engages Audience: In a study completed at the four University of Wisconsin campuses, 69% of the 2,684 student respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the stat...
Are All Corporate Audio Visual Suppliers the Same? We think not!
Sep 10, 2010 by
There are many Corporate Audio Visual Suppliers in business today and they may all look the same to meeting and event planners. Worse yet, many AV companies may be selected on price alone because planners are under such pressure to bring the budget in at or under plan. Before going down the price-only continuum, please consider the following questions and comments for event rental services: How long has this corporate audio visual supplier been in business? This statement goes directl...
Welcome to the AV Event Solutions Blog!
Sep 03, 2010 by
AV Event Solutions provides event rental services to create memorable meetings and events, and powerful presentations. We are a professional, affordable and experienced California event services company servicing small to medium-sized events and conferences in the Western United States.This blog will be providing the latest news, trends, products, and services in the event and meeting planning industry.We will be highlighting such topics as:How to Choose an Corporate Audio Visual SupplierHow to ...
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