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Month: October 2010

Sound and Lighting: Discover How to Make Your Next Event Stand Out
Oct 06, 2010 by
Sound and lighting - these two elements can transform a lackluster event into a spectacular one and, conversely, their absence can make the most carefully planned meeting seem tremendously bland. When considering sound and lighting rental, remember these components have the most direct and tangible impact on the energy coming from a room, which can either make or break the response from the attendees.Sound Arena·         Is it too loud or too soft? ...
PowerPoint: A Powerful Presentation Tool – Part 2
Oct 04, 2010 by
Powerpoint Presentation Equipment ChecklistIt is very important to fully test ALL the powerpoint presentation equipment that a speaker will use for the presentation beforehand. Here are some helpful tips to make this a potential seamless process. Ask your speakers to come early. Check to make certain their meeting equipment or accessories (CD, DVD, or USB) is compatible with the Presentation Services Audio Visual company's equipment. Don't assume the powerpoint presentation will work on any...
PowerPoint: A Powerful Presentation Tool – Part 1
Oct 01, 2010 by
 Microsoft PowerPoint is a presentation program included in the Microsoft Office Suite of products. PowerPoint has become the industry standard for making presentations and it provides a number of advantages over conventional presentation methods, such as:Saving printing costs, especially since many presentations are saved to USB drives;Providing vibrant slides with the use of color, clip art, and different font styles and;Allowing for dynamic content on slides, in the form of the Internet ...

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