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Month: November 2010

What is the one Audiovisual Item an Event Planner Cannot Live without?
Nov 05, 2010 by
As an event meeting services professional, you know the value of great presentation services audio visual equipment. It can make or break your meeting. Now imagine striding up in front of your audience to find no Powerpoint presentation equipment, just a podium. What would you do? What piece of audio visual equipment makes your presentation soar? Imagine you had to choose just one or two pieces of audio visual equipment, what would you choose?According to industry professionals, the most re...
Return on Investment for Audience Response Systems
Nov 03, 2010 by
When an event meeting services company or corporate planner considers an audience response system rental, often times the conversation revolves around the cost of the units. This blog will focus on the hidden costs associated with paper systems which can perhaps justify the cost of an audience response rental. MANPOWER SAVINGS: How much data are you going to collect from how many participants? Are you and your staff going to spend countless hours sorting through paper surveys?With wire...
LCD Projectors: 7 Key Questions Answered
Nov 01, 2010 by
When considering a LCD Projector and screen rental, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers for your review. What Kind of Images Do You Plan to Show? There are three types of images you can show on a projector: data, video, and photos.   What you need in a projector will be determined by the majority of images you plan to project. What Resolution Do You Need? Ideally, you should match the projector's native resol...

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