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Month: December 2010

Happy New Year from AV Event Solutions
Dec 31, 2010 by
M a y Y o u r 2 0 1 1 b e & n b s p ; Y o u r B e s t Y e a r E v e r ! F r o m Y o u r F r i e n d s a t
2011 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Meeting Planners
Dec 29, 2010 by
The economy is in the process of recovery which means more companies are likely to increase the number and workload of events in 2011. Some event meeting services planners have already had this happen. "Things have been pretty much the same for the Levi's brand event landscape for the last five years," said Michael Mecham, CMP, Event Manager for Levi Strauss. "But I am feeling it ramp up now." At Kellogg's, Senior Meeting Manager Karen J. Sweet, CMP, noted, "We have had ...
Audiovisual Basics for Novice Event Planners
Dec 27, 2010 by
So you are new to the event meeting services industry. Congratulations! Now you are ready to plan your first event, and you are wondering about this budget line item called audio visual. Renting audio visual equipment is one of the most important budget line items because it helps make the presentation come to life. Regardless of the type of event, appropriate sound and lighting rental, projector and screen rental, and Powerpoint presentation equipment will play a part in determining the su...
Happy Holidays from AV Event Solutions
Dec 24, 2010 by
W i s h i n g Y o u a n d Y o u r s a H a p p y , S a f e , a n d W o n d e r f u l H o l i d a y S e a s o n ! F r o m Y o u r F r i e n d s a t
Audio Visual Technician: What they do and Why they are Important
Dec 22, 2010 by
Audiovisual technicians set up, maintain, repair, and tear down audio visual equipment used to enhance events, from microphones, video recorders, and projector and screen rental, to sound and lighting rental equipment. They may record meetings and presentations with video cameras, operate spotlights, adjust amplifiers, coordinate graphics, and provide technical support. In addition, AV techs may edit, copy, and store digital media, track inventory, and order supplies. According to the Bureau of ...
Top Tips to Control Event Expenses
Dec 20, 2010 by
Even though the consensus is the recession is over, controlling event expenses still remains the top concern for event planners. At the PCMA Convening Leaders conference, Plan Your Meetings led a "Making Cents" round table with attendees. Here are some tips and suggestions from event planners and conference service professionals. BUDGETDivide one large event into 2 or 4 smaller, regional meetings. This will allow you spread your expenses over the year instead of having all the outflow ...
“What did he say?” Why Sound is So Important to Your Meeting
Dec 17, 2010 by
In producing an event, sound quality is of the highest importance. It takes a lot of time and attention to coordinate all the audiovisual elements of a successful business meeting, presentation, or corporate event. Great sound services during an event or conference can improve the interaction between the presenter and the audience. The sound equipment most frequently used for events consist of microphones, mixers, and speakers for amplification of sound in the room. The microphones used mos...
5 Common Problems with Powerpoint
Dec 15, 2010 by
As  As of late, I have read many comments and criticisms of Powerpoint. However, I would challenge that many of the problems of Powerpoint isn't the software itself, but how it is being used. Here are some of the common problems presenters and event meeting planners may encounter and how to avoid them. PROBLEM: The speaker writes the presentation “on the fly”. I have worked with many professionals who have an idea or two about what they want to say and start to develop thei...
Do Event Planners Need to Understand the Ins and Outs of Renting Audiovisual Equipment?
Dec 13, 2010 by
As conference services professionals or meeting planners, in charge of renting audio visual equipment, it may have crossed your mind that you just don't know enough about the equipment. Since audiovisual is critical to the success of so many events, perhaps you have made it your 2011 resolution to become a better expert with corporate audio visual rentals. Let me assure you, with the right audio visual partner, this part of your event planning equation will be easy. Here are some quick and ...
5 Interactive Technology Trends for 2011
Dec 10, 2010 by
As technology becomes cheaper and easier to use, interactive technology tool rentals will continue to open up new options for event meeting services planners. Below are the major trends to watch for in 2011. Mobile ApplicationsOrganizations will continue to rent iPads and rent Tablet PCs, which are highly portable and easy for attendees to use while sitting, standing, or walking. Here are some ideal uses: NetworkingInteractive Displays at Tradeshow BoothsLead Exchange and Qualification...
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