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Month: March 2011

Your 6-Step Plan to a Better Meeting
Mar 07, 2011 by
We have all heard the news that 2011 is going to be a great year for meetings and events. The economy is rebounding, the stock market it is up, and people are getting back to work. Now is the time to make certain that we, as event meeting services professionals, are doing all we can to enhance and improve the meeting experience for our attendees. Here are 6 simple steps to make your meeting a home run, every time. Ask your attendees what they want. This seems like a "duh" m...
3 Gotta Haves When Renting Audio Visual Equipment
Mar 04, 2011 by
Even with a rebounding economy, meeting and event planners are still looking for ways to reduce their event budgets. There are ways to possibly cut some corners within the budget, but AV shouldn't be one of them because so much is dependent on those interactive technology tool rentals.All that being said, with a limited budget, here are the 3 things I recommend you keep or increase spending on within your budget for 2011.Powerpoint Presentation Equipment. I would suggest you rent&...
7 Lighting Trends for 2011
Mar 02, 2011 by
Lighting has had many improvements over the last few years and will continue to make progress throughout 2011 and beyond. The right lighting can enhance your next event by creating memorable brand experiences for your attendees. Below are 7 trends you should be following:1. Architectural Projection MappingEvan Grant of Seeper explains the technology this way, "In simple terms, we take the architectural plans of a building -- or if they don't exist, we create them. U...
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