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Month: May 2011

Techniques to Increase Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth
May 06, 2011 by
I have been following a LinkedIn discussion about how to increase traffic to a trade show booth for quite sometime now. As of today, there are 256 comments and it will probably continue to grow. Below, is a synopsis of many of the relevant comments as they relate to renting audio visual equipment. Dan Wolan, Director of Business Development, Productions Plus -- The Talent Shop, said "You've paid for the booth space, the graphics, the production, the premium incentives, the travel and h...
4 Benefits to Recording Your Next Meeting or Event
May 04, 2011 by
Your organization has spent a lot of time and money putting together the perfect meeting or event. Why not record that event for historical, reach, and/or training purposes? If you are considering producing an audio recording of the event, here are 5 easy steps your organization needs to take: Get the speaker's permission to record the event. Make certain you have written, signed agreement with the speaker. Keep it on file at the office and at the event. Most speakers I h...
How Your Next Event Can be More Like the Royal Wedding
May 02, 2011 by
Here are some astounding facts about the recent wedding between William Windsor and Kate Middleton:2,000 people attended the service in Westminster Abbey;1,000,000 people lined the streets and parks along the route to and around the Abbey;2 billion people watched the ceremony worldwide;There were 5,500 street parties and;8,500 journalists covered the story.Wow! We, in the event meeting services industry, would love to just have some of this type of attraction and attendance at our next event or ...

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