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Month: August 2011

9 Things You Can Do to Boost Attendance and Buzz for your Next Association Meeting
Aug 31, 2011 by
At ASAE's Annual Meeting held August 7-9, 2011 in St. Louis, MO, many meeting planners shared their thoughts on how association organizations can focus more attention on membership, marketing, and communications. Here is a summary of their thoughts -- pre-event, at the function, and post-event: Before the Meeting Offer Unique Discounts. We all know about the early-bird discounts, but creative discounts, for a limited period of time, can drive attendance up. For example, a special discoun...
6 Things Event Planners Can Learn from The Walt Disney Company
Aug 29, 2011 by
The Walt Disney Company, recently launched a new part of their Disney Meetings website, called The Disney Advantage. They have come up with 6 key advantages to having meetings on one of their many Disney properties. This got me to thinking...What can event organizers learn from the Disney way? Plenty! Here's the rundown: Disney offers Marketing Support. They have unique promotional tools designed to drive attendance up and create excitement about your meeting. Who is doing your m...
Top 10 Problems with Wi-Fi Access at Events, Part 2
Aug 26, 2011 by
In Part 1, we highlighted 5 of the more common problems with Wi-Fi networks.  Today, we continue our discussion about the remaining potential problems with WiFi and offer suggested solutions to overcome bandwidth and connectivity issues. #6: Not enough time was given to install and test the Wi-Fi network It is important that the Wi-Fi network be accessible and fast. The only way to adequately do this is to test the mobile applications and social network feeds of a typical attendee x 500 ...
Top 10 Problems with Wi-Fi Access at Events, Part 1
Aug 24, 2011 by
Wi-Fi networks are all the rage at conferences, seminars, and training meetings. Most attendees expect them to be available, work properly, and most importantly, to be fast. However, often times without the proper questions being asked of the conference services organization, the attendee and meeting planner are left frustrated and unhappy with their Wi-Fi experience. Below, are some common problems with WiFi at events and suggested solutions: #1: Wi-Fi Network is faulty, slow, or non-ex...
How Curation Analytics can Improve Your Next Meeting
Aug 22, 2011 by
How do you know if your event is meeting the needs of your attendees? How do you know their satisfaction level while at the event? For the most part, this data is sorely lacking, leaving planners guessing at their strategy for next year's big event.  Mindtouch came up with a curation analytics equation diagram aimed at document, website, and SEO reviews. The diagram below, simply explains the concept. However, much of this concept can also be overlaid in the event meeting services industry...
A New Trend in Conference Services
Aug 19, 2011 by
No speeches. No slide shows. No podiums. No tickets or registration fees. What is going on and why is this happening? Richard Saul Wurman, the creator of Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) is launching a new conference methodology called The www.wwwconference which is planning to debut in September of 2012. His philosophy is: No presentations No schedule No expensive tickets Wurman suggests that 2 interesting individuals are on stage, prompted by a que...
Expert Advice from Corporate Event Planning Pros
Aug 17, 2011 by
Wouldn't it be great if you could access great advice from event meeting experts all at one location? Smart Meetings recently ran an article called "Tips from the Top" citing a few meeting planner aficionados who really make a difference. Here is a summary of what they had to say and how AV can help to make your next gathering extra special. Diane Budion-Devitt, Owner/President at DND Group, stated "Create an instant visual dynamic and surprise element that immediat...
Does Your Association Meeting Have A Crisis and Contingency Plan?
Aug 15, 2011 by
      Sylvia Ratchford, Executive Director of the Hinman Dental Society was busily running their 20,000 person event in late March at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta when tornado sirens went off. In addition, on that same day, there was a consumer trade show and basketball tournament in the nearby Georgia Dome. "In all, there were probably about 50,000 people in the meetings corridor when the storm hit," Ratchford said. "We had no warning wha...
How Digital Marketing and Tablets are Changing the Meeting Industry
Aug 12, 2011 by
Are you confused about digital marketing initiatives? Wondering how mobile technology, social media, and video are involved in your total attendee experience? Be confused no more! Below are some tips to get you started and make the digital initiatives easier to understand. Employ ROI-Centric Initiatives In the digital world, everything can be measured through clicks and visits. Unlike brochures and business cards, you can easily measure how someone arrived at your site, how long they w...
Renting Audio Visual Equipment? Here’s a Handy Checklist for Your Next RFP
Aug 10, 2011 by
Planning a large meeting requires excellent project management and people skills. However, sometimes one of the last items for consideration is Audiovisual (AV). Whether you are a novice or an experienced planner, sending out a complete Request for Proposal (RFP) is essential. Here are some dos and don'ts regarding the RFP process.   The key DON'TS: Don't send out RFPs to the world. Make sure the companies you are considering are solid choices and given the option, you would do bus...
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