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Month: August 2011

5 Elements of a Great Trade Show Booth
Aug 08, 2011 by
A great trade show booth will draw attention and positive energy to it. Think about the last trade show you attended. Got it? Now think about the one booth that was the greatest. It probably was the one that had a crowd constantly around it and people were smiling and having fun. Here are some tips to make your booth the one attendees will be talking about long after the trade show ends.  Make it look professional. If you are going to spend the time and money to exhibit at a trade sh...
Embracing the Millennial Attendee
Aug 05, 2011 by
Are you confused about Millennials and how to get them to your next event? Lets define who Millennials (or Gen Ys) are, how they interact with people, and how to get them engaged at your next conference or meeting.  Who are Millennials? Although there doesn't seem to be a precise date as to when they were born, the general consensus is they are born between 1985 and 2004. Unlike previous generations, they grew up with the Internet. Their networking skills are not as strong as o...
7 Reasons Why Tablets Make Sense at Your Next Meeting
Aug 03, 2011 by
Its a brave new world for event planners with regards to mobile technology. More and more people are investing in smartphones, tablets and iPads. Lets explore some reasons why you may want to rent tablet PCs for your next meeting or conference. Mobile Sponsorships are on the rise Think about your sponsors and how much more effectively they can reach attendees if they can load video, photos, and success stories about their company on a tablet. It is so much more effective than print medi...
How to Sell Event Meeting Services on Value Rather than Price
Aug 01, 2011 by
Now, more than ever, the event industry is crowded with meeting planners, partners, and venues clammering for that next meeting or event. Many corporate and association planners were laid off in 2009 and '10 only to become independent planners who now compete with event services companies like myself. At times, I feel it is a dog-eat-dog world with price being the deciding factor.However, over the years, I have come to realize that people are willing to pay more for products and services wh...
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