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Month: November 2011

4 Major Ways to Make Your Next Meeting or Conference More Participatory
Nov 30, 2011 by
Everyone is talking about increasing attendee participation and interactivity, but there are no real guidelines to make it happen. From registration to the last function of your meeting, it is important for attendees to always feel welcome. Some experienced meeting planners recently weighed in on this topic on a LinkedIn PCMA Group Discussion. Below, is a synopsis of their thoughts, along with a few of my own.REGISTRATION AREACreate an environment that "invites people in." Is your area...
Understanding the Ins and Outs of the AV Production Booth
Nov 28, 2011 by
Many event organizers are intimidated when it comes to understanding the various components of an audio visual production booth. Most see long tables with rows of equipment and AV Technicians operating it. Today, lets demystify the gear and understand how the staff makes it all flows together. EQUIPMENT   Light Equipment Rental: The technician controls the intensity and color of the lighting from the booth.   Audio Boards: This device is designed to do four things: 1) amplify ...
Happy Thanksgiving from AV Event Solutions
Nov 23, 2011 by
T h a n k s g i v i n g T h e y e a r h a s t u r n e d i t s c i r c l e , T h e s e a s o n s c o m e a n d g o . T h e h a r v e s t a l l i s g a t h e r e d i n A n d c h i l l y n o r t h w i n d s b l o w . O r c h a r d s h a v e s h a r e d t h e i r t r e a s u r e s , T h e f i e l d s , t h e i r y e l l o w g r a i n , S o o p e n w i d e t h e d o o r w a y ~ T h a n k s g i v i n g c o m e s a g a i n ! ~ O l d R h y m e W i s h i n g y o u a n d y o u r s a H a p p y T h a n k s g i v i n g ! Y o u r F r i e n d s a t
8 Major Meeting Mistakes to Avoid
Nov 21, 2011 by
Meetings and events are fantastic ways to network, build brand awareness about your product and/or organization, and connect with your customer and prospect base. Unfortunately, many meeting planners, especially novice ones, don't take enough time to look at the meeting from the attendee's point of view.Attendee's are well educated with long memories about your organization and events. If you want to make a lasting impression, avoid these 8 common mistakes.1. Don't research the venue. It is...
7 Tips to Making Your Speaker’s Message Memorable
Nov 18, 2011 by
Are you in the process of speaker selection for next year's meeting, conference or product launching event? Hiring high energy presenters who deliver a great message will make your meeting memorable, long after the event is over. So, what should you look for when reviewing the speaker's presentation? Below is a checklist of things every planner should keep in mind during the hiring phase. Share much about the audience and how they learn. Tell your speaker as much information...
Meeting and Event Trends for 2012 and Beyond
Nov 16, 2011 by
Smart Meetings recently published an article called "Trend Spotting" by Carolyn Koenig, a freelance writer for the magazine. Below is an excerpt from her findings, as well as, some of our thoughts on the event meeting services industry as we move into the next year.iPADS AND TABLET PCS WILL RULE THE MEETINGIt is going to be important to everyone in the event meeting services industry, from planners, hoteliers, and attendees, to be mobile and access online content whenever and...
How to Sort Out Advanced Technology Equipment Options
Nov 14, 2011 by
3-D projection mapping, high-resolution HD projectors, and sharkstooth screen rentals. Wondering which of these technologies you should use at your next event? Before you get all caught up in the oohs and aaahs of this new technology and all they have to offer, it is best to answer the following questions about your event: What is your message and how will this new technology help you convey it? What is your meeting's theme?  What is your AV budget? Let's analyze the in's and ...
2001-11: A Ten-Year Look Back at Major Meeting Industry Changes (Part 2)
Nov 11, 2011 by
Today, lets focus on BizBash Magazine's coverage of the changes in the events industry from 2007 to today. If you haven't already, check out Part 1 of A Ten-Year Look Back ... it looks at the changes for the first 5 years of the last decade (years 2001- 2006).2007"The new breed of planners are brand representatives, masters of technology, relationship builders, idea generators, and subject matter experts. They are intricately involved from an event's inception, scouting and managing sponsor...
2001-11: A Ten-Year Look Back at Major Meeting Industry Changes (Part 1)
Nov 09, 2011 by
BizBash Magazine recently published an article titled "Ice Sculptures to iPads: A Brief History of 10 Years in the Event Industry." Below are some of the highlights:2001September 11: The terrorist attacks were immediate and far-reaching for all event meeting services organizations, and probably had the biggest impact on the events industry. Here is a summary of what happened:Many meetings and events were outright canceled due to poor registration numbers. Meetings were postpo...
Touchscreen Technology Demystified: Kiosks, Tablets, or Smartphones?
Nov 07, 2011 by
   Are you going to rent touchscreen technology for your next event? Wondering which technology platform will bring more value to your attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors? Lets demystify the different technologies by explaining what they are and how you can use each of them at your next meeting or event.The 3 different types of touch screen devices are:Touch Panel KioskTouchscreen computer, such as an iPad or Tablet PC orTouchscreen smartphone, such as an Android or iPhoneTOUCH PA...
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