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Month: November 2011

$16 Muffin? I don’t think so! How Cost Communications is Key to Your Next Event
Nov 04, 2011 by
Many of you probably heard about how the government was charged $16 per muffin at The United States Department of Justice's immigration lawyers conference that was held in August of 2009 at the Capital Hilton. The Office of the Inspector General, who issued the report, blasted the Justice Department for extravagant and potential wasteful spending on food at conferences. This story ran on well respected media outlets, including The New York Times,  Los Angeles Times, and NPR. The probl...
When Conducting Training Sessions, What Audio Visual Equipment Will Get Your Message Across?
Nov 02, 2011 by
Trainers are set out with one mission: to train employees about something new...a new product, a new service, or a new procedure. They are dependent on event audio visual rentals to get their message across and transfer learning to the attendees. With the plethora of AV choices, you may be wondering which equipment is best for the learner. Here are some questions to consider when scheduling your next training session.Question 1: What is the training objective?Is the training required knowledge, ...
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