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Year: 2011

6 Great Uses for Computer Kiosks at Your Next Meeting or Conference
Oct 17, 2011 by
Touch panel kiosks provide attendees with self-service benefits and can now be the one-stop service option for many of your conference goers. Because kiosks are now thinner, wireless, and very reliable, more and more applications are being written for this technology. Kiosk rentals also have a great deal of system security, remote monitoring, and most apps are highly intuitive. Kiosks can be equipped with a printer, credit card reader, and/or badge reader. Here are 6 common ways kiosks can ...
5 Questions to Determine how Green is Your AV Company
Oct 14, 2011 by
The meetings industry has been trying to come up with a "green" standard for over 10 years and it looks like they just got closer with the Accepted Practices Exchange (APEX) launch of best practices for green meetings. Even though the entire document isn't complete, there are some basic questions you can ask when renting audio visual equipment about the supplier's practices and equipment in order to determine their commitment to being green. Here are 5 questions to get you start...
3 Key Ways to Make Your Product Launching Event a Smashing Success
Oct 12, 2011 by
So your company is going to roll out a new product or service and you are in charge of the big event. You are so excited! But after the initial joy passes, suddenly you blank out on ideas and have no clue on how you are going to make this all happen. You are desperate for inspiration and you don't know where to turn. Here are 3 key ideas to keep you focused and make the launch a great success.InvitationProduce a creative invitation that works both in the print and digital arena. If you are havin...
Creating a “Win-Win” Strategy for Your Event Sponsors
Oct 10, 2011 by
Planners are in a bind. They want to implement creative, state-of-the-art technology solutions for their attendees but they don't have the funds to make it happen. Sponsors want to laser their brand into the brains of every attendee, to the point of being obnoxious. So, just like an unhappy marriage, the planner and sponsor continue to work together even though they don't want to. Does it really have to be that way? The short answer is No. Here are some ways to make the relationship better, al...
7 Tips to Keep Your Event To-Do List Manageable
Oct 07, 2011 by
Your company has been awarded a large conference and you are so excited about the prospect of planning this event. After the champagne is gone, the fear sets in. How am I going to manage all the tasks that is going to make this event a smashing success? The answer is time management, delegation, and creating a manageable to-do list. This process can bring fear, procrastination, and self-loathing into the hearts of the most experienced meeting planners. According to Adam Pash and Gina Trapani, th...
How Association Planners Can Keep Their Internet Costs in Check
Oct 05, 2011 by
With the proliferation of mobile technology available to meeting attendees, it is no longer a question of IF you provide Internet to your attendees but how good it is and what it is going to cost. The dilemma is if your association is going to rent tablet PCs to engage your attendees and keep your conference competitive, how do you go about doing all of this -- without raising registration fees or adding Internet charges onto the attendee's hotel bill?Here are some well thought out ideas to get ...
7 Criteria for Choosing the Right AV Company
Oct 03, 2011 by
How do you go about choosing the Audio Visual Company for your meeting or event? Do you base your decision on price, value, service, experience, and/or the equipment they carry? During the last few years, a plethora of new AV technology has hit the market, intended to improve the event attendee's experience. But with all these choices coupled with the decision criteria above, what AV organizations are best equiped to provide you with the best solution when renting audio visual equipment?&nb...
3 Ways to Take the Fear out of Technology
Sep 28, 2011 by
Technology is a isn't magic, mysterious, or hard to implement into your meetings and events. However, many planners back away from new or unique technology options because it is outside of their comfort zone. Yet, most of us readily use technology in our everyday lives -- whether it be a laptop, smartphone, or HDTV. We would never go back to a typewriter, rotary phone, or black and white why are we crippled by the thought of new technology options at our events? Lets identify t...
The Day in the Life of an Audio Visual Production Team
Sep 26, 2011 by
Have you ever wondered what it really takes to produce a first-class event...from an AV standpoint? Would it surprise you learn that the average AV production team spends 65 to 350 hours to plan and produce a quality conference? If the answer is yes to both questions, the timeline below is for a hypothetical 2-day conference that is indicative of the effort a partner-focused AV team puts into your event.Day 0 (The day before your event)5 AM       Load the trucks with all the Audio...
6 Ways Meeting Suppliers can Build Better Relationships with Planners
Sep 23, 2011 by
Meeting and Event Planners have to use a variety of suppliers and partners in order to ensure that their event is successful. From the venue to the caterer to the AV company, these partners are critical to the meeting. Here is a list of Do's and Don'ts for meeting suppliers to consider when trying to build a relationship with an event planner: DON'T ask to be on the preferred vendor list. First of all, most planners don't have such a list any longer unless they work for a huge corporation. Seco...
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