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Month: June 2012

5 Ways to Blow Your Meeting Budget and How to Prevent it From Happening
Jun 29, 2012 by
You are in the process of planning a series of meetings over the next 3 years and have just received an email from your boss indicating that there will be no more budget overruns. She also stated that in evaluating your last 10 meetings, it looked like there were many unexpected expenses and you went over budget by 5-15% on each event.  Below are the 5 things that can inflate your budget and what you can do to prevent them: Budget Blower #1: You plan your meeting too late. The ...
6 Strong Reasons Why the “Replace Paper with iPad” Strategy is a Good One
Jun 27, 2012 by
You and your team are being pressured by attendees to "go mobile" at your next meeting. You know intuitively it probably makes sense, but you need justification for your team's decision. Here are 6 compelling reasons why iPads are being used by associations, corporations, and individuals planning meetings across the country.    iPads are a great way to keep in contact with everyone at the conference, disseminate information, and network. By creating an onl...
4 Ways To Make Your Meeting Planning Process More Productive
Jun 25, 2012 by
Are you saddled with more responsibility and have less time to accomplish each task? Or are you planning more meetings but with the same amount of staff? Do you wish there was a way to make things simpler and more productive? Read on...because there is! One of the reasons planning and coordinating meetings takes so much time is because we are not asking enough questions from the start. Choosing the right partners and establishing the correct meeting parameters can make the difference between...
How to Stay Calm, Cool and Collected When Things Go Wrong at Your Meeting
Jun 22, 2012 by
Imagine this: You have hired a fantastic speaker and he is 20 minutes into his presentation. You could hear a pin drop in the meeting room full of 300+ attendees. People are leaning in, attentive and fully engaged. And then it happens. The PowerPoint presentation equipment acts up. The screen freezes or the bulb dies. The mic goes in and out. The speaker becomes distracted and starts to choke.  This fabulous and expensive presenter is having a meltdown right before your eyes. The a...
Why Video Walls are all the Rage for Meetings and Events
Jun 20, 2012 by
"What is a video wall and how will it help make my event more memorable?" you might be asking yourself. In an age of 3-D technology and HD devices -- video wall rentals -- are what attendees expect to see at a large conference or convention.  A video wall is a series of High Definition LCD monitors positioned together to act as one contiguous large viewing area or, if you desire, separate images can be used on each panel. They can display video, photos, and be con...
4 Meeting Trends that Will Dominate the Second Half of 2012
Jun 18, 2012 by
Can you believe it? 2012 is almost half over and most meeting planners have had a good start in the new year. Meetings are up. Hotel occupancy is on the rise. And for the first time in a long time, planners aren't afraid to be optimistic about the future. So, what is the future going to look like? Plan Your Meetings magazine recently released what they believe will be the trends for the rest of the year and beyond. Here are 4 Meeting Trends along with how interactive technology tools ...
How to Incorporate Wellness Into Your Next Conference
Jun 15, 2012 by
There is a lot of pressure to be healthy nowadays. Smoking is not tolerated, restaurants are sharing their caloric information on menus, and companies are receiving significant discounts if individuals enroll and attend a gym, go to weight loss meetings and walk during their lunch hour. So what about meetings and conferences? Can event meeting services organizations transfer these type of incentives to a 2 or 3 day conference? Absolutely! Here are some tips and techniques to keep everyone...
7 Sure Fire Ways to Get Attendees to Your Trade Show Booth
Jun 13, 2012 by
It's about 8 weeks before the largest trade show in your industry and you and your team are sitting around the conference table brainstorming about ways to get people to your booth. If you did it the traditional way, you would be sending out postcards, direct mail and/or emails saying: "Stop by Booth #125 to learn all about our awesome product or service!"  This is annoying to the attendee who ends up throwing out or deleting all of such correspondence. Why? Because y...
7 Tips to Make Your Next Training Session More Productive
Jun 11, 2012 by
Everyone needs to attend training seminars at various points in their career. Whether it is a doctor learning the new features of a drug, a salesperson understanding the new CRM system, or all employees grasping updates to corporate policies and procedures, good training is often linked to the long-term profitability of a business. Great training sessions often produce the following benefits: Increase in productivity: Participants now know more about the organization, product...
“Click Here First” Campaign Highlights Benefits of Face-to-Face Events
Jun 08, 2012 by
The International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) recently launched a public relations campaign called "Click Here First" created to advocate on the behalf of event meeting services organizations to the media and business influencers about the benefits of face-to-face meetings.  The campaign has 3 key goals: Collect compelling testimonials and success stories about face-to-face events.  They are asking you to call, send an email, complete an on...
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