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Month: November 2012

Is Your PowerPoint Presentation Worthy of Your Attendees’ Attention?
Nov 05, 2012 by
Here are some pretty astonishing facts about Microsoft PowerPoint: It has been the communication software of choice for more than 22 years Over 1 billion computers have PowerPoint installed on them and It is estimated that 350 presentations are given every second worldwide. But the question of the day is: Are these presentations any good? According to Jesse Desjardine, Head of Social Media at Tourism Australia, most presenters make 5 common but avoidable mistakes when they deve...
The Eye of the Storm: What Event Planners Everywhere can Learn from Superstorm Sandy
Nov 02, 2012 by
When meetings and events are struck by a disaster, like Hurricane Sandy, it gives most hospitality folks and planners great pause. But how you deal with a crisis like this will determine if attendees and sponsors are receptive to participating in your organization's future events. Hurricanes are a little different then other natural disasters because you have some warning before the storm hits. And while this is true, the total impact of even a category 1 hurricane can be greatly unde...
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