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Year: 2012

6 Ways to Keep Latecomers Out of Your Corporate Meetings
Nov 07, 2012 by
Whether you are conducting a sales meeting, training session, or producing a product launching event, individuals who are perpetually late can cause real problems for meeting planners. These late attendees can be disruptive to the meeting flow because they either want  you to start over, they talk with their neighbor, or they are busy getting some food and coffee while the session is in full roar. In the end, they are devaluing the time of the people who arrived promptly.  So, what...
Is Your PowerPoint Presentation Worthy of Your Attendees’ Attention?
Nov 05, 2012 by
Here are some pretty astonishing facts about Microsoft PowerPoint: It has been the communication software of choice for more than 22 years Over 1 billion computers have PowerPoint installed on them and It is estimated that 350 presentations are given every second worldwide. But the question of the day is: Are these presentations any good? According to Jesse Desjardine, Head of Social Media at Tourism Australia, most presenters make 5 common but avoidable mistakes when they deve...
The Eye of the Storm: What Event Planners Everywhere can Learn from Superstorm Sandy
Nov 02, 2012 by
When meetings and events are struck by a disaster, like Hurricane Sandy, it gives most hospitality folks and planners great pause. But how you deal with a crisis like this will determine if attendees and sponsors are receptive to participating in your organization's future events. Hurricanes are a little different then other natural disasters because you have some warning before the storm hits. And while this is true, the total impact of even a category 1 hurricane can be greatly unde...
Happy Halloween | AV Event Solutions
Oct 31, 2012 by
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Do You Have Zombies Working For Your Organization? How Training Can Bring Them Back to Life
Oct 29, 2012 by
Have you ever called a company to ask a simple question only to receive the run around? Or have you ever gone into a store to purchase a product and the sales person knew nothing about it? Or even worse, has someone sold you something and you asked if the product had a particular feature -- only to find out when you got it back to the office -- it did not?  So, let me ask you a question: How well do your employees know your products and services? When was the last time you trained them?...
3 Killer Ways to Help Attendees Get the Most Out of a Networking Event
Oct 26, 2012 by
Every large meeting and conference has a networking element to it; in which most attendees either love or hate. Most extroverted participants look forward to the networking element especially if they have come to the event multiple times. However, what about the first-time or introverted attendee? How can event meeting services organizations convince them to network?  Here are 3 tips that can help you sell attendees on the benefits of networking and subtle ways you can make it very easy...
Is Free Wi-Fi Really Free? The Ongoing Debate About Access for Meetings and Events
Oct 24, 2012 by
We are all familiar with the sign to the left. It is  everywhere -- at the library, fast food establishments and even rest stops along the highway. While this is great for a traveler or a person who wants to scroll through their emails while enjoying a cup of coffee, how does it translate to a meeting of 200 to 1,000 attendees? Probably not very well -- mostly out of insufficient knowledge and high expectations by planners and attendees alike.  Let's look at what attendees expe...
Praises and Pitfalls of Crowdsourcing Your Next Conference
Oct 22, 2012 by
There has been a lot of dialog about crowdsourcing over the last few years and it seems that this planning process for meetings and events may start to take hold. However, is it the right option for each and every meeting and event? Maybe yes and maybe no. As attendees get more vocal and use the technology they hold in the palm of their hand, it will become very apparent that without their input, your meeting is probably doomed. But does it have to be an all-or-nothing approach? It really d...
It’s All in The Wrist: Technology Bracelets That Are Making Their Meeting Mark
Oct 19, 2012 by
Two great events were held in Manhattan earlier this year where attendees were provided with wristbands to communicate with event organizers, check-in and vote on various food selections. BizBash magazine recently profiled these two events and the unique way they used RFID and NFC technology. Even though this technology has been around for a long time, it has finally made its way into the event stratosphere and with great success.  RFID is the use of a wireless system that uses rad...
Digital Event Marketing: Where Everyone Knows Your Name
Oct 17, 2012 by
Ted Rubin, Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias™ was recently named by Social Media Marketing magazine as the most followed CMO on Twitter -- where he has over 82,000 followers. He recently shared with BizBash magazine the ways he is using social media to build relationships and brand awareness and how this strategy can also be applied to meetings and events.  Below are the highlights from the article, in particular, some effective ways event meeting services ...

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