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Month: November 2013

Thanksgiving Wishes
Nov 27, 2013 by
& n b s p ; F o r e a c h n e w m o r n i n g w i t h i t s l i g h t , & n b s p ; F o r r e s t a n d s h e l t e r o f t h e n i g h t , F o r h e a l t h a n d f o o d , f o r l o v e a n d f r i e n d s , & n b s p ; F o r e v e r y t h i n g T h y g o o d n e s s s e n d s . - R a l p h W a l d o E m e r s o n & n b s p ; W i s h i n g y o u a n d y o u r s a H a p p y T h a n k s g i v i n g . . . Y o u r f r i e n d s a t S m a r t S o u r c e R e n t a l s a n d A V E v e n t S o l u t i o n s
Seth Godin Speaks About Ways to Make Your Meeting Worthwhile
Nov 25, 2013 by
Mitra Sorrells, Associate Editor at BizBash Media, recently interviewed marketing aficionado Seth Godin about the changes he thinks meeting and event planners must make in order to attract quality attendees to their conferences.  Godin is the author of 17 books about marketing, leadership and most of all, changing everything. You might be familiar with his books Linchpin, Tribes, and his most recent book, V is for Vulnerable: Life Outside the Comfort Zone.  Below is ...
How One Little Device Can Screw Up Your Meeting Attendees’ Wi-Fi Experience
Nov 22, 2013 by
We have all been at a conference or meeting where we have experienced that infamous circle on the top of our smartphone screen or a statement that says "still loading" on our tablet device. And while we are checking our mobile device every few seconds to see if that important email was sent to the home office, we start cursing the venue or planner for making our Wi-Fi experience suck. But what if it isn't their fault? What if the blame lies with other attendees or exhibitors? ...
Why the Cheapest Lead Retrieval System Isn’t Really that Cheap (Part 2)
Nov 20, 2013 by
Part 1 of this series, we focused on business card and printout options to lead gen. Today's blog post will focus on smartphone apps and the risk associated with too few lead retrieval systems in your booth.  It is cheaper to use a free iPhone/Android app. While there is no question that these apps look really good and have many bells and whistles, they have some drawbacks as well. First and foremost, everyone in the booth needs to have the same phone system in order t...
Why the Cheapest Lead Retrieval System Isn’t Really that Cheap (Part 1)
Nov 18, 2013 by
Many times booth exhibitors’ hem and haw over the rental cost of an automated lead system. They justify the cost of exhibiting, time away from the office and staffing to their boss. But when it comes to automating the collection of leads, the conversation falls short. Here is the ironic thing -- that is exactly what exhibitors are there to do. Meet new people and turn them into clients. Period. End of story. This blog will define the seemingly cheapest ways to collect leads and the truth abo...
How Cloud Computing Can Enhance the Attendees’ Meeting Experience
Nov 15, 2013 by
Due to advances in computing power, bandwidth and storage, cloud computing is becoming the name of the game in the business community. It used to be that you backed up all your information to an external hard drive in case your computer failed. But now, it makes sense to back everything up to the cloud...and not just for recovery reasons but for security and sharing reasons as well. According to Daniel Burrus, Innovation Expert and Global Futurist, cloud computing will transform the way we d...
Top 10 Checklist When Planning Your Corporate Holiday Party
Nov 13, 2013 by
Do you feel overwhelmed in planning your company's holiday get together? Believe it or not, December is just 3 short weeks away and the parties will be here before you know it. Hopefully, you have figured out where to hold the event and have a rough idea of what is going to happen. However, there may be a few details that could cause your budget to balloon out of control if you don't plan carefully.  Below are the 10 things you should work on between now and the day of your b...
Want More Attendees at Your Next Conference? Start Solving Their Problems!
Nov 11, 2013 by
Believe it or not, we are becoming a society of problem solvers. Jay Baer, in his latest book "Youtility", talks in great detail about this and he has one quote that sums up his philosophy:  "Making a difference and creating a customer for life, is all about HELPING not SELLING."  Yet, you are a meeting professional constantly tasked with selling. You need more attendees, sponsors and exhibitors. You spend countless hours with staff and stakeholders to...
6 Ways to Pull Off an Effective Product Launching Event
Nov 08, 2013 by
Are you tired of running email and direct mail campaigns about your new products and services that have limited impact on your target market? With the noise level on the digital scene and the probability that your print material will be perused and then thrown away, there has to be a better way to build brand awareness and let individuals know about your new "whatchamacallit". Now there is and if you do it right, you will not only accomplish the task of brand and product awareness but you will ...
Want Your Message Heard Loud and Clear? Rent a Sound Shower!
Nov 06, 2013 by
One of the newest innovations in sound technology is a mono loudspeaker with an amplifier and audio element that delivers high-quality sound in a designated area. The Sound Shower from PanPhonics can be connected directly to a program source (such as a DVD, MP3 player or computer), preamplifier or mixing system. The Sound Shower rental is ideal when you want to create an “audio footprint” with clearly focused sound. These audio spaces are great in areas where acoustics are d...
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