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Year: 2013

Wi-Fi? Li-Fi? Transmitting Data at the Speed of Light
Oct 21, 2013 by
Here is a truism: The more Wi-Fi networks are used, the slower they become. Why is this true? As you may or may not know, Wi-Fi signals are transmitted via radio waves and often times three things are happening simultaneously: 1) Complex data (such as video) is clogging up the pipeline 2) Radio signals are colliding with one another, creating noise and slowing down the signal even further and 3) If you rent iPads or other mobile devices, these units have weak antennas which means you ...
What Will Meetings Look Like in 2030? Check Out These 5 Mega-trends
Oct 18, 2013 by
The German Convention Bureau wants to know and follow how the meeting industry is going to change and develop over the next 17 years. So they have created an ongoing survey tool called "Meetings and Conventions 2030: A Study of Megatrends Shaping Our Industry" in hopes they will identify, analyze and evaluate trends and tendencies and their probable meaning for the meetings industry.  "The meetings industry is an economic driver for nations all over the world. We ...
Are Your Sponsorship Proposals “Win-Win”?
Oct 16, 2013 by
As a meeting planner, I certainly understand the value of sponsorship dollars. I don't think many of the meetings, conferences or conventions could happen today without this dollar infusion into the industry. Planners could not bring in top-notch speakers, interactive technology tool rentals or expand their marketing efforts.  But what does the sponsor get out of their investment? Hopefully the opportunity to get in front of new prospects that will turn into new clients. Howeve...
7 Solid Trade Show Facts about Exhibitors, Attendees and Venues
Oct 14, 2013 by
Still wondering if trade shows make sense from a marketing perspective?  They do and they will continue to make sense in the future. Below are 7 powerful facts that are sourced from the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) and Exhibit Surveys. Many of these statistics will validate what you already know. Here they are:  The average drayage rates have increased 488% from 1982 to 2010.  For those of you not familiar with the term drayage, it is provided by...
Are Meeting Surveys Linked to Attendee and Exhibitor ROI?
Oct 09, 2013 by
PCMA recently commissioned Lewis & Clark, a marketing research firm, to survey 122 meeting professionals to find out how they are measuring exhibitor and attendee ROI and what criteria they use to determine whether or not their meeting was successful.  Let's focus on how planners measure ROI, comments from selected respondents and interactive technology tool rentals that can make this process easier.  Q1: How do you measure exhibitor ROI? (Respondents could provide more...
How to Use PowerPoint Presentation to Your Conference’s Advantage
Oct 07, 2013 by
How many times have you been to a PowerPoint presentation and you were squinting to see the data on the slide and frantically taking notes to keep up with the speaker? And how many times has the presenter said the following, "I know you can't read this, but..." or he or she looks at the slide and just moves on without an explanation? We have all be there and unfortunately, sometimes our presenters are just not in tune with what their viewing audience wants.  The question i...
How Social Channels can Bring Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth
Oct 03, 2013 by
Everyone who participates in a trade show desires to introduce themselves to current clients and new prospects, engage with individuals while they are on the floor and be remembered long after the show is over. While there are many avenues to do so, such as direct mail and email campaigns, social media is one way to remain connected to the attendees before, during and after the show.  Today we will talk about specifics of 5 social platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouT...
The Pressures and Promises of Second Screen Technology
Sep 30, 2013 by
With an estimated 80% of conference attendees having smartphones at their disposal, is it any wonder they are constantly distracted by them? Now smartphones and tablets have a cool name when it comes to presentations: Second Screen Technology. What is it you might ask and how can it benefit your meeting?  Second Screen Technology (SST) turns every attendee's device into an extension of the PowerPoint presentation equipment in the front of the room. It allows the user to see the slid...
How Google Glass Could Change the Meeting Industry
Sep 27, 2013 by
Everyone's talking about, yet no one really understands how it will be used. I'm talking, of course, about Google Glass. If this technology takes off, it will definitely have a place in the meeting and event industry.  Today, we will define what Glass is, provide you a short video to see how it can be used, prepare event organizers for this interactive technology and identify three uses of it.  GOOGLE GLASS DEFINED Google Glass is a hands-free, head-mounted intelligent ...
Gone in 60 Seconds: Help Your Presenter Nail Their Opening Remarks
Sep 23, 2013 by
The old adage by Will Rogers "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression", holds true even with the most sought out professional speaker. Bruce Kasanoff from Now Possible, recently shared on LinkedIn that the first minute of a speaker's stage presence will garner his or her success ratio with the audience. It boils down to this: If they are engaged, they will listen. If they are not, they will quickly get distracted with their mobile devices.   ...
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