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Month: March 2014

Five Compelling Reasons to Rent Tablets for Your Next Conference
Mar 07, 2014 by
The Cardiovascular Research Foundation (CRF) held their annual Transcather Cardiovascular Therapeutice conference in late October of last year. This six-day conference, held in San Francisco, drew 11,500+ attendees.  In order to cut down on paper products and eliminate conference binders, CRF decided to purchase 10,000 Samsung tablets for attendees, knowing that over 1,000 attendees would BYOD. Instead of charging for the tablets, they gave them to the registrants for free when they arrive...
4 Fantastic Ways to Brain-Engage Your Event
Mar 05, 2014 by
Your attendee walks into a cold, dimly lit meeting room with no natural light. . They see scores of empty chairs and the PowerPoint presentation equipment has a black and white slide indicating only the title of the presentation. Your attendee starts to shiver as they take their seat and looks around for a cup of coffee - only to realize it is outside the room by the registration area. Once back at their seat, the speaker gets up on stage and goes for a full 90-minutes covering 120 slides; nev...
What Lies Ahead for Event Planning? Challenges, Shifts and Growth
Mar 03, 2014 by
Rohit Talwar, CEO of Fast Future Research led the effort in two recent future trend studies: Convention 2020 and Power of 10. Below is a synopsis of those studies and what meeting planners everywhere can learn from them.  CONVENTION 2020 1,125 meetings professionals from 76 countries were asked what they believed the meeting experience would look like in 2020. Here are their responses:  Event Technology Commonplace in conventions and exhibitions will include: 75% said live ...
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