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Month: February 2015

5 Developing Technologies that will Change Events
Feb 26, 2015 by
By Tia Crawford The Event Industry is constantly reinventing itself—endlessly searching for new, fresh, better, and more eye-popping options on a long list of event necessities. Event Planners are looking for the most fashionable décor of the moment, the trendiest venue, and the guest speaker that is most in demand; however, behind the scenes, business events strive for informational exchange and networking connections. Technology has grown from a supporting factor into a driving force, as i...
Conference Technology that Boosts Networking
Feb 24, 2015 by
By Tia Crawford Networking is one of the main objectives of any corporate gathering. While the businesses involved, industries covered, speakers presenting, and ideas exchanged are different for every event, one thing remains constant: Business Events Connect People to People, and They Connect People to Ideas Naturally, technology plays a huge part in these connections! Whether it distributes the content and comments generated from a speaker’s ideas, or whether it’s facilitating the effor...
Money and Time-Saving Event Social Media Strategies
Feb 19, 2015 by
You might feel that deciding to add social media to your event to-do list puts you over the proverbial edge and that you’ll end up with just too many tasks on your plate. As we all know, time is money. However, social media is necessary, and it’s a fabulous tool for boosting engagement and marketing. And there are strategic ways to get other people, even your attendees, to happily contribute to your social media marketing so the burden is not all on you. Make Social Media Participation Eas...
Reduce Event Internet Costs through 4G Cellular Technology
Feb 17, 2015 by
By Tia Crawford In light of the 2014 complaint against Marriott regarding Wi-Fi blocking, Event Planners and Event Managers are looking for ways to ensure the best possible Internet connections for their guests, while also avoiding outrageous hotel network service charges that blow their budgets. As we become more dependent upon the information and connections that our devices and the Internet provide, Wi-Fi service has become a vital utility for events, and now it’s the center of an importan...
Maximizing Your Event Social Media
Feb 13, 2015 by
No one wants to put on an event that is considered a failure – either by the attendees or management. And like everything else in life, it’s all a balancing act between time, money, goals, and priorities. It’s good to remember too that just because something doesn’t “cost” anything in dollars, it does not mean that it won’t require other resources, such as time. Social media is a good example of this. Yes, you can use Twitter or Facebook for “free” since you don’t need to pa...
Five Ways to Augment your Event with 3-D
Feb 11, 2015 by
By Tia Crawford FIVE exciting trends that successfully break the two-dimensional exhibit barrier! Now more than ever, events need to be a feast for the senses. Whether for a trade show booth, a fundraising gala, a product launch, or an advertising and marketing event, attendees must feel like the information presented is reaching out to grab them! Augmenting an event with 3-D interactive technology is an excellent way to involve guests’ eyes, ears, and touch in a way that is impossible to ig...
6 Steps that Create Connections at Trade Show Booths
Feb 05, 2015 by
By Tia Crawford Trade show exhibits represent a significant investment for a business. Between the costs of renting a booth, the expense of the exhibit display itself, and the price of sending staff, it’s important to see a significant return on the investment. As with any event planning, it’s essential to never lose sight of the target audience and to always think from the perspective of the end user. Use demographics as the basis for every aspect of your decision-making. What age groups...
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