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Month: May 2015

SmartSource Offers Lockable Charging Stations for Events
May 28, 2015 by
SmartSource Rentals offers the newest and most secure cell phone charging stations. These safe, confidential charging stations can accommodate cell phones, iPads, tablets, and other devices. With the ever-growing necessity of personal hand-held electronic devices at events, secure cell phone charging is a tremendously valuable service for event attendees. More and more individuals use their cell phones to control their mobile payment and digital wallet, or their remote home security and smart h...
The Scoop on Alternatives to PowerPoint:
May 26, 2015 by
We have been spending time talking about alternatives to PPT in “The Scoop on Alternatives to PowerPoint” series including: • PowToon • Emaze and we’ve made suggestions for How to Make Your Presentations Remarkable no matter which platform you use. We’ve been taking the time to give you these new ideas for presentations because the truth is that the better your presentations are the more successful your events will be, for your business and your brand. In this article about Infogr.a...
Increase Sponsorships with Modern Day Cyber Cafés
May 21, 2015 by
Remember cyber cafés? Cyber cafés were traditionally set up as a place for people to access the Internet. For trade shows and conferences, these “cafés” opened up a great opportunity to increase sponsorship revenue. The café itself was usually a computer or tablet resting on a table, and the sponsors could be advertised on a printed table tent or something similar. Now, however, people are accessing the Internet via their smart phone, so there is no need for a traditional cyber café. H...
Get Your Show on the Road – Technology Tips for Mobile Tours
May 19, 2015 by
Many businesses have events that hit the road, crossing the country with multiple stops in dozens of cities. For business events that travel, efficiency and consistency are the most valuable assets. Whether for: Product Launches Multi-Regional Training Sessions New Store, Branch or Location Openings User Conferences across Multiple Locations Financial Industry Investment and IPO Road Shows Political Events and Campaigns Mobile Marketing Campaigns For many companies, mobile tours are par...
Dos and Don’ts for Memorable Digital Signage
May 14, 2015 by
Big, bold, eye-catching and memorable...when digital signage is done right. However, too often, companies who intend to use digital signage at their booth or tradeshow tend to prepare content and ideas in the same way that they would for printed signs. Flat and non-dynamic!  Before you simply blast your company name and tagline onto a digital sign, become familiar with some of the basic dos and don’ts so you can create memorable signage! Digital Signage Don’ts  The biggest mistake – ...
Does Pinterest Hold Relevance for Events?
May 12, 2015 by
Event Planners know the importance of social media as a way of distributing content and building a community, and each individual has their favorite sites. Interestingly, one extremely popular platform is largely overlooked by businesses—it’s Pinterest. How does Pinterest stack up against other social media networks? In January of 2015, the Pew Research Center released its report, "Demographics of Key Social Networking Platforms," (1) in which it revealed the percentage of all adult intern...
20 Social Media Tips that Event Planners Should Know
May 07, 2015 by
There is no doubt of the broad effect that social media is having on our culture. It’s also caused a revolution in marketing, advertising, and business events! Obviously, social media has emerged as a highly efficient and remarkably inexpensive way to share news and content, to promote events, and to build a strong community around your brand. By effectively using social media, Event Planners can easily supplement their traditional paid advertising promotions, and in many cases, social media ...
The Scoop on Alternatives to PowerPoint – Emaze
May 05, 2015 by
In our introductory article about alternatives to PowerPoint, we talked about how to use PowToon– a presentation option which makes it easy to animate your slideshows that definitely don’t look like a PPT. Today we are going to talk about Emaze, a cloud-based option for presentations. But before we dig into emaze, we wanted to go over a few basic reminders to keep in mind for any presentation, no matter which software or program you use. Think of your presentation like a good book – ...
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