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Month: June 2015

Video Wall Lessons Learned from Times Square
Jun 25, 2015 by
Times Square is a world famous tourist destination, and a remarkable number of visitors admit that they are there to witness the advertising—that the number and size of the digital billboards is one of the attractions of the area, helping to make it a legendary location worldwide. The Times Square Alliance recently commissioned a survey of 2,000 visitors. According to the survey results(4): • 80% of visitors said that the signs and advertisements are part of the destination’s appeal. • ...
6 Ways to Tap Into the Versatility of Apple iPad Stations
Jun 23, 2015 by
Tablets and business go hand in hand, and the technology of iPad and Android tablets is notoriously adaptable. When Event Planners bring in a fleet of tablets and pair them with a combination of stands, branding and mounting, then the possibilities become nearly endless. Tablet technology offers several specific advantages over desktops, laptops, kiosks, or more permanent systems. Tablets are remarkably portable. Their small size allows them to fit neatly and unobtrusively into a wide variety o...
Top 10 Ways to Use Digital Signage for Your Event
Jun 18, 2015 by
Events depend heavily on up-to-the-minute information that is easily accessed. Any convention, trade show, conference, training session or business meeting involves large numbers of individuals—each needing to know where to go and what to do next. In the past, Event Managers relied on printed materials such as maps, agendas, and speaker information; unfortunately, printed materials were never able to adapt to the constantly changing conditions of our modern world—flight delays, room changes,...
Audio Components that Put the “POP” in Your Sound Production
Jun 16, 2015 by
Sound is one of the major elements of any successful business event. If you’ve ever struggled to hear a speaker or been pained by feedback, you’ve witnessed first-hand how hearing a message loud and clear feels like every audience member’s most basic right. A presentation can still occur without visuals (although it shouldn’t have to), but if there’s no sound . . . There’s no way for audience members to connect to a speaker, trainer, lecturer, or presenter that cannot be heard and u...
Lead Retrieval Technology for Any Event
Jun 11, 2015 by
For many business events, lead retrieval is a vital part of achieving the necessary ROI. Event Data Services is the umbrella category that helps event organizers, sponsors, and exhibitors make the real connections they need to form with attendees—gathering actionable data that gives an accurate picture of the event’s success, while also giving sales teams the networking and contact information that brings revenue. Versatile Lead Generation Options SmartSource Rentals offers a wide variety of...
The Eyes Have It: Ideal Screens for Event Production
Jun 09, 2015 by
Nothing beats visual input. “Seeing is believing,” as they say. For business events, there is no substitute for the images that clearly and immediately convey your message to your audience. For events, style and content are two critical factors that determine success—how impressed guests feel by their experience and how much they understand and retain the event’s mission. Beauty and Purpose: Lead Your Guests with Technology that Attracts Attention Digital screens or projection screens c...
Making those Event Connections App-en
Jun 04, 2015 by
Connecting with others is one of the primary reasons most of us attend events. We use events to meet like-minded people and as an opportunity to connect with people who are likely to become part of our customer base, or who can potentially enhance our business in other ways. Though technology is now integrated into most aspects of business and networking, the human element should not be underrated, because in the end, events are about people meeting people. And whether you manage an event, have...
What You Need to Know about Twitter Walls
Jun 02, 2015 by
Chances are good you’ve heard about Twitter and Facebook and other social media channels. You probably even use one or more social media channels in your business to build a larger customer base and to be able to interact directly with your customers. And if you’re progressive with your event social media, you’ve thought about or already used social media to create hype before an event. For example, maybe you have used Twitter to create more buzz around your upcoming event by tweeting ann...
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