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Month: February 2016

Wonder What a Perfect Meeting Looks Like? Wonder No More!
Feb 26, 2016 by
Structure, Sustainability and a Touch of Health   Think about the last several meetings, conferences or events you attended. Can you remember a meeting that you loved? One that you felt connected and part of something larger than the event itself? If so, then you attended “the perfect meeting”. According to Successful Meetings, this type of event is composed of three key elements: Good Meeting Structure Green Practices and Healthy Choices Today, we will explore all three and let ...
Wearable Tech for Events
Feb 17, 2016 by
Wearable technology has been flashing in and out of the news for a decade or more—leaving most of us feeling . . . intrigued. Ideas that once only existed in science fiction movies and comic books are now on the shelves—available to anyone willing to buy them. However, many of us are still asking whether the technology is honestly practical or if it’s just a “flash in the pan”—grabbing attention for introducing thought-provoking design, influencing manufacturers’ stock prices, and ...
The Smartphone Generation of Meeting Attendees
Feb 13, 2016 by
Crossing Over into the Technological Divide While it has been highly touted and written about that the next generation of meeting attendees (Gen Y) are running the show on meeting demands, Futurist Mike Walsh disagrees. He stated in his presentation before PCMA, it is the smartphone generation that is going to shape our meetings and events and I whole-heartedly agree. For example, my 76-year-old mother and my 13-year old nephew are equally active on Facebook and both have smartphones, while my ...
Future Trade Shows Will Include Many Technological Features
Feb 05, 2016 by
Cool Options Are Around the Corner   Trade shows are the perfect place to use specific technological gems – partly because the contained space is perfect for testing new apps and partly because every exhibitor is looking for something new and cool to bring precious attendees streaming to their booth. Today’s blog post will focus on the breakthrough applications on the horizon: Geofencing, 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Drones. Geofencing You are probably already ...
Onboarding Session Technology
Feb 02, 2016 by
Many businesses recognize that it saves money to retain good employees. The costs of hiring can include advertising, recruitment, travel, relocation, and training—not to mention hours upon hours of time spent sorting through resumes, scheduling interviews, deliberating, following through, and negotiating salaries and benefits. Indeed, studies show that many companies lose a significant amount of time and money in headhunting, hiring, and training new employees. Many companies realize—too la...
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