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Month: December 2017

Event Technology Sponsorships Offer Virtually Unlimited Opportunities
Dec 14, 2017 by
Many exhibition organizers still thrive on selling traditional sponsorships like banners and brownie breaks. But event technology sponsorships are helping them expand the inventory of sponsorship offerings and meet sponsor objectives more effectively. Technology sponsorships fall into three categories: New technologies. Think about a product placement or banner advertisement inside a virtual reality environment. Attendees naturally gravitate to what’s new. Sponsors benefit from the expos...
5 Event Lounges To Excite Or Relax Your Guests
Dec 06, 2017 by
The lounge—a place to sit, relax, and maybe even do some low-key networking—is a staple at most trade shows and conferences. But as new ways to enhance the attendee experience and express the sponsor’s brand emerge, lounges are becoming more than an out-of-the-way oasis from the chaos of the meeting. They’re becoming a destination. As with any room or area design, the first step is always determining the purpose of the lounge. For example, if the main reason to put a lounge on the tra...
Event Trends: Yes! Flowers are Affordable Again
Dec 06, 2017 by
Event Trends:    Yes! Flowers are Affordable Again Flowers can bring warmth and visual appeal to even the dullest event space through color and texture.   Combined with lighting and sound, flowers can help evoke nostalgia or influence mood. This is especially true during the holiday season, when the scents of winter can be assembled into stunning seasonal bouquets. But floral arrangements and centerpieces have been low on the priority list for most meeting planners because of cost. It’s...
3 Last-Minute Tips for Planning Your Company Holiday Party
Dec 06, 2017 by
You’re almost there. The venue is booked, the menu is set, the invites have gone out. Now all that is left to do is wait for the big night, right? Wrong! Here are three tips to make sure your bases are covered and to help give your party the modern elements every event needs to be successful. Tip #1 – An Open Bar is Not Entertainment Have you thought about entertainment? I don’t mean the DJ or open bar. I mean the toasts, the accolades, and the boss taking center stage and speaking w...
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