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Year: 2021

What Price Is Right?
Feb 23, 2021 by
In the new age of virtual and hybrid experiences, attendees are still looking to be educated, inspired, and motivated. On the flip side, exhibitors and sponsors are still looking to reach attendees and trying to determine how to best maximize their event investments. Now, more than ever, you need to differentiate your experience by adding value for your attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. And you may be asking yourself, what price is right? First things first, understand your audience, spons...
Virtual Platforms are Not Virtual Events 
Feb 10, 2021 by
Event organizers and planners were thrust into the unfamiliar territory of virtual and hybrid events in 2020. Most had to rise to the challenge very quickly with internal resources. In doing so, many realized that they needed an external partner to take the production planning and technology burden off their shoulders.   Platforms are not events; events require coordination and people working behind the scenes with the goal of delivering your message and bringing people together. The bi...
Best Practices For Virtual Presenters
Jan 15, 2021 by
Tips and Tricks for Presenting Virtually Let’s face it, a lot has changed within the past year, and knowing how to present yourself in an online meeting is more important than ever.  Your audience wants to see a polished presentation that informs, delights, and steers clear of technical snafus. In addition to the right attire, there are four technical areas of importance when considering equipment for a virtual session – lighting, video, audio, and streaming source (computer). Sta...
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