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Year: 2021

What to Expect From Your IT Solutions Partner
Oct 04, 2021 by
Combining temporary staff augmentation with IT services is a robust offering for clients that need to deploy contract workers quickly. But fulfillment is more than delivering a loaded laptop to the contractor's worksite. It's a series of small tasks and a continuous support lifeline that keeps a workforce productive from day one.   Tools of the trade   No matter the position, few temporary workers—especially in today's work-from-anywhere, digitally transformed workplaces—can do the...
Staffing Agencies: Be Ready for the Next Jolt
Oct 01, 2021 by
The Covid-19 pandemic temporarily crippled the Staffing industry. Hiring freezes, client shutdowns, and health risks contributed to a sharp revenue decline. Although the hiring climate has vastly improved in recent months, Staffing firms remain vulnerable. Bundling staff augmentation with IT service and support for temporary workers is now, more than ever, an opportunity for Staffing companies to meet customers' needs and build a more resilient business.    Welcome to the whiplash  Cov...
Plan With Confidence
Sep 28, 2021 by
When a live event is no longer possible—major exhibitors drop out, local government regulations prohibit in-person gatherings, or attendance is too low to justify sponsor investments—organizers have a decision to make. Pre-Covid, the decision was binary: postpone the event or cancel it. Today, there are more options. There is also more complexity. Currently, organizers have multiple alternatives to an in-person event. Sure, postponement and outright cancellation are still on the table. Bu...
Event Technology and the New Normal
Sep 02, 2021 by
The event industry is waking up to a new reality. Not only is technology playing a central role in the pandemic recovery, but it’s also reshaping the landscape. When conferences and exhibitions regain some sense of normalcy, this is what it will look like. Screens will become windows Screens of all shapes and sizes—mobile devices, displays, interactive kiosks, and LED back walls—will be the glue that holds hybrid events together. In-person and remote audience members will use the...
The Safe Event Checklist to Help Keep Your Event Open
Aug 27, 2021 by
Live events are again in flux. Depending on where you are in the world, your in-person trade show or conference could be anywhere from full steam ahead to on the verge of cancellation. Use this checklist to make sure you’ve done all you can to ensure a safe working environment for your in-person participants and staff. Without them, the show can’t go on. Venue Accreditation: Choose venues—convention centers and hotels—that have received certification from the Global BioRisk A...
Touchless Events Offer More Than Hygiene 
Aug 11, 2021 by
Creating a touchless event environment has become more of a priority for event organizers and venues during the pandemic. But touchless events were emerging before COVID-19, and aided by an explosion of technologies, they’re likely to continue evolving. There are plenty of reasons for event organizers, exhibitors, and exhibit designers to think more strategically about touchless.  Benefits of touchless events  Touchless events deliver significant benefits to organizations:  Hygiene...
How Virtual Event Learnings Can Improve In-Person Conferences and Exhibitions
Jul 12, 2021 by
When the pandemic required that business-to-business event organizers switch to virtual events overnight, it was nerve-wracking for many. Besides being unfamiliar with an entirely new event model, planners struggled with the technology, learning curve, and design philosophy. While challenging, good came from it. A year later, some learnings from virtual events are poised to change the way organizers run in-person events. Technology will play a significant role. What stakeholders love about vi...
Why Use a Production Studio for Your Hybrid Event?
Jun 28, 2021 by
Remote production studios made a lot of sense during the worst of the pandemic. They offered virtual event producers television-quality broadcasting while safeguarding the health and safety of the presenters and crew. Now that hybrid events are emerging, there are even more reasons why an off-site studio can be an asset. Broadcast quality matters. When a presentation must be high quality—the new CEO making her first address to the remote workforce, for example—and the company does ...
Go Hybrid or Hold Out for 100% Live?
Jun 08, 2021 by
There’s another cliffhanger in the global events industry. Last year organizers had to decide whether to wait out the pandemic with no event or quickly launch a virtual event. In 2021, many organizations find themselves choosing between going 100 percent live or going hybrid (live + virtual). If you're on the cliff, here are some of the benefits of hybrid events to help you decide. Higher attendance One of the most obvious and often-cited benefits of hybrid is the potential increase ...
Safely Step Into Face-to-Face Events Again 
Jun 04, 2021 by
Attendees are excited to get back to in-person events.  However, many attendees are still wondering, “how does the event organizer plan to keep me safe?”   States have moved closer to lifting all restrictions on businesses and gatherings as vaccination campaigns have progressed. According to the CDC, as of May 23, 2021, 50.8 percent of the U.S. population had received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 40.9 percent had been fully vaccinated. Several states have decla...
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