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Month: September 2021

Plan With Confidence
Sep 28, 2021 by
When a live event is no longer possible—major exhibitors drop out, local government regulations prohibit in-person gatherings, or attendance is too low to justify sponsor investments—organizers have a decision to make. Pre-Covid, the decision was binary: postpone the event or cancel it. Today, there are more options. There is also more complexity. Currently, organizers have multiple alternatives to an in-person event. Sure, postponement and outright cancellation are still on the table. Bu...
Event Technology and the New Normal
Sep 02, 2021 by
The event industry is waking up to a new reality. Not only is technology playing a central role in the pandemic recovery, but it’s also reshaping the landscape. When conferences and exhibitions regain some sense of normalcy, this is what it will look like. Screens will become windows Screens of all shapes and sizes—mobile devices, displays, interactive kiosks, and LED back walls—will be the glue that holds hybrid events together. In-person and remote audience members will use the...
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