A Lead Retrieval Solution That Helps Pay for Itself
Sep 03, 2019 by Michelle Bruno

If leads are important to you—and what exhibitor doesn’t want more, qualified trade show leads—the SmartSource Lead Retrieval Solution is a great option for quickly and easily capturing and processing lead data. It’s time to retire manual lead capture. Every minute spent on lead data processing is a minute lost on making a sale.

SmartSource offers hardware and software in a small, nimble device that uses the industry’s most powerful scanner. In less than three seconds, the device scans a badge barcode and connects to a survey that the sales team uses to qualify a prospect. It’s faster than asking for a business card.

As a team member speaks with a prospective customer, he or she can take notes on the lead device and determine the collateral to send via email right from the booth. On-the-spot follow up impresses future clients and completely eliminates the post-show lead-processing delay that can cost you a sale.

Because the SmartSource Lead Retrieval Solution is connected to the Internet via cellular service, staffers can send emails and sync lead data with your CRM in real-time. There’s no waiting for a post-show list of leads from the registration provider or re-entering leads into a sales or marketing automation platform.

See how it works:

Lead retrieval wasn’t always as efficient and fast as it is today. Thanks to technology, the oft-mentioned statistic about 80% of trade show leads being wasted is cited less and less. With the cost to exhibit increasing, companies can’t afford to miss a single lead. Contact SmartSource to learn how you can help recoup the cost of a smart and effective lead retrieval solution.


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