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Tricks of the Meetings Trade: The Ultimate Audio Checklist
Jul 12, 2013 by
In Monday's post, I focused on the up and coming audio equipment trends to be on the look out for within the industry. While it is important to continue to look to the future for smaller, smarter and more budget-friendly audio equipment, it is key to make certain whatever equipment you use, it works properly. Recently in BizBash Magazine,  Midori Connolly, an AudioVisual Speaker, Writer and Consultant, shared some great tips and tricks that every meeting planner can use. Her...
Current Trends in Audio that Will Make Your Event Really Sound
Jul 08, 2013 by
It seems that most meeting planners are so heavily focused on the visual "wow" factor of a meeting --  which includes video and 3-D effects -- that they often miss the importance of a quality sound system. But the truth of the matter is, if your presenter loses sound or it cuts in and out, your audience will be so frustrated with the lack of sound all that "wow" will be for not.  The good news is audio equipment is getting smaller and smarter. BizBash Magazin...
4 Rules to Make Your AV Meeting Experience Pain-Free
Jun 07, 2013 by
Many times when I speak to planners about their AV and IT meeting needs, their eyes glaze over because the technological options and rate of change can be overwhelming and daunting to them. However, AV and IT (due to increasing bandwidth demands) are what make most meetings, events and trade shows tick. Admit it: without them, your meeting would be dead in the water.  Here is the overarching question... How can meeting planners understand what they are doing when renting audio visu...
Memorial Day Remembrance
May 27, 2013 by
A h e r o i s s o m e o n e w h o h a s g i v e n h i s o r h e r l i f e t o s o m e t h i n g b i g g e r t h a n o n e s e l f . - J o s e p h C a m p b e l l T h a n k y o u t o t h e b r a v e m e n a n d w o m e n , p a s t a n d p r e s e n t . & n b s p ;
A Must-Have AV Checklist for Evaluating Your Next Meeting Space
Oct 12, 2012 by
AV is such a big part of most meetings and events and getting the equipment right for the room setting is paramount to its success. In addition, the right AV will keep your attendees happy and focused on the meeting materials. Here are the 7 things you want to take a closer look at when evaluating a room for your next conference or meeting: Ceilings. How high are the ceilings? Low ceilings or low hanging lights can interfere with the LCD projector and screen rental set-up.  One way to determ...
The Projection Revolution: Everything You Want to Know about Digital Projection but Were Afraid to Ask
Mar 09, 2012 by
Digital scenery. Projection mapping. Large scale projection. What do these terms mean and doesn't this type of technology cost a lot of money? Lets focus on creative uses for digital projection and ways to keep your budget in tact as well. Digital projection used to be massive projectors beaming static images onto giant screen rentals. Now, 2D and 3D mapping software programs along with LCD projectors that are 4 times brighter than the previous technology have made it possible for event meeting...
Understanding the Ins and Outs of the AV Production Booth
Nov 28, 2011 by
Many event organizers are intimidated when it comes to understanding the various components of an audio visual production booth. Most see long tables with rows of equipment and AV Technicians operating it. Today, lets demystify the gear and understand how the staff makes it all flows together. EQUIPMENT   Light Equipment Rental: The technician controls the intensity and color of the lighting from the booth.   Audio Boards: This device is designed to do four things: 1) amplify ...
How Projector and Screen Rentals can Jazz Up Your Next Outdoor Event
May 13, 2011 by
As we enter into warmer more pleasant weather, all sorts of events, meetings, and gatherings are moving outdoors. Whatever, the reason, it is very easy to incorporate a projector and screen rental into your outside plans. Here are some ideas  on how to use this technology to jazz up the event. Before beginning, lets set the bar on projectors. Many people think LCD projectors can only be viewed when the lights are down and the audience is still. This is not the case any longer! Technology i...
LCD Projectors: 7 Key Questions Answered
Nov 01, 2010 by
When considering a LCD Projector and screen rental, there are several considerations to keep in mind. Below are a few Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and answers for your review. What Kind of Images Do You Plan to Show? There are three types of images you can show on a projector: data, video, and photos.   What you need in a projector will be determined by the majority of images you plan to project. What Resolution Do You Need? Ideally, you should match the projector's native resol...
3D Projector Technology Defined
Oct 08, 2010 by
3D is the theme in entertainment but it will reach the event meeting services industry soon. 3D projectors are anticipated to be the norm by 2014, at the very latest. Below are a list of features available in the latest projector technology and an explanation of what these features mean to event planning. Short-Throw Design: Ideal for interactive presentations and simplifies the projector placement in meeting rooms with limited space. 3000 Lumens: High brightness 3D Ready...
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