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Discover 5 Questions to Evaluate Renting Audio Visual Equipment vs. Buying
Oct 21, 2015 by
When does it make sense for your organization to rent audio visual equipment versus buying it? Many organizations are wrestling with this very prospect. Here is what you need to consider: Are you in the audio visual business or in the business of making money for your organization? Let's explore five questions that can help you better evaluate this: Does your staff have the time to research, purchase, get trained on, maintain and store your technology? What is the total cost of owne...
Enhance Your Event with our Extensive Kiosk Rental Selection
Sep 24, 2015 by
Touch screen kiosks are one of today’s best interactive tools for elevating any event. Our cost effective cutting-edge trade show kiosk rentals allow you to easily promote business, exchange information, provide services and improve attendee experience, in literally thousands of ways. But we don’t stop at just providing you with the best equipment on the market. What really sets SmartSource Rentals apart is our unparalleled service and customer support. Touch Screen Kiosks are the Ideal Te...
Audio Components that Put the “POP” in Your Sound Production
Jun 16, 2015 by
Sound is one of the major elements of any successful business event. If you’ve ever struggled to hear a speaker or been pained by feedback, you’ve witnessed first-hand how hearing a message loud and clear feels like every audience member’s most basic right. A presentation can still occur without visuals (although it shouldn’t have to), but if there’s no sound . . . There’s no way for audience members to connect to a speaker, trainer, lecturer, or presenter that cannot be heard and u...
Lead Retrieval Technology for Any Event
Jun 11, 2015 by
For many business events, lead retrieval is a vital part of achieving the necessary ROI. Event Data Services is the umbrella category that helps event organizers, sponsors, and exhibitors make the real connections they need to form with attendees—gathering actionable data that gives an accurate picture of the event’s success, while also giving sales teams the networking and contact information that brings revenue. Versatile Lead Generation Options SmartSource Rentals offers a wide variety of...
How to Create Engagement with Audience Response Systems
Mar 26, 2015 by
One of the best ways to create interactivity between a speaker and their listeners is by encouraging them to respond to prompts and questions. The technique of seeking audience response has been around for a long time, and there are many benefits to this technique including: Improving attentiveness Boosting knowledge retention And creating greater interactivity The old standby method of asking for a show of hands as a form of gathering audience information is certainly better than not aimin...
5 Developing Technologies that will Change Events
Feb 26, 2015 by
By Tia Crawford The Event Industry is constantly reinventing itself—endlessly searching for new, fresh, better, and more eye-popping options on a long list of event necessities. Event Planners are looking for the most fashionable décor of the moment, the trendiest venue, and the guest speaker that is most in demand; however, behind the scenes, business events strive for informational exchange and networking connections. Technology has grown from a supporting factor into a driving force, as i...
What to be Thankful For at Your Next Event
Nov 24, 2014 by
For those of us who attend events, either as a spectator or exhibitor, or both, we enter into a magical world where there is a lot to see, people to walk with, and new products to become familiar with. If we’re exhibiting, we set up our booth with some jazzy new technology (which we of course rented from our most reliable favorite company SmartSourceRentals) that is bound to attract attention and strengthen our message and brand. We take for granted that everything will be there for us. ...
7 Super Questions to Ask Your Lighting Partner
Jun 25, 2014 by
Lighting - just like sound - can either enhance or degrade your attendees' meeting experience. Lighting is meant to set the mood and create an atmosphere where meeting participants feel invited and welcome. Most organizers, when event planning, rely solely on the venue to provide lighting options. However, the right audiovisual rental company can provide a plethora of excellent lighting options for your next event. The key is to determine who can and cannot meet your lighting needs. BizBas...
2 Ways Attendees Can Hear Your Trade Show Messages without Going Deaf
May 12, 2014 by
"What did you say?" Think about your exhibit hall...what words come to mind? How about noisy, busy and hard to hear? But what if you and your exhibitors could deliver your messages in a quiet atmosphere - albeit, still on that noisy floor? Impossible you say? Not really! Below are two examples of doing just that: The first is using wireless headsets (think museum exhibits) and the other is called a sound shower where conversations are encapsulated in a "dome" to ensure background noise is ...
4 Fabulous Meeting Technology Predictions for 2014
Jan 03, 2014 by
GenieConnect, a mobile events app company, recently came out with their top 10 tech predictions for the New Year. Many of them validate what I have been writing about for the last 18 months. Here are the four I believe you should pay attention to, in order of urgency, as you look at your meeting plans for the coming year.  Fit-for-Purpose Wi-Fi will become the norm.  What is fit-for-purpose Wi-Fi? It is providing the right amount of bandwidth needed at your event at the ...
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