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Maximize Your Meeting Dollar: 7 Ways to Save Money on AV
Sep 12, 2013 by
Do you sometimes walk away from a vendor meeting feeling like you "left money on the table"? That you did not negotiate your best deal? It is the goal of most meeting planners to get the best equipment for the dollars they have allocated for the event. Here are 7 creative ways to save money when renting audio visual equipment for your next meeting. Savings #1: Have Options. Many times, hotel and conference staff will state that you must go with the in-house AV provider. This s...
Read All About it! The Power of Travel Report is Out With the 3 Things You Gotta Know
Sep 06, 2013 by
The U.S. Travel Association recently updated their Power of Travel Promotion Report in an effort to help organizations make the case as to why travel matters and to encourage local governmental agencies and DMOs to continue to spend money to promote their destination.  David Heuther, Senior Vice President of Research for the US Travel Association stated, "The resulting increase in tourism to an area improves local quality of life, boosts economic development and delivers much ne...
Need Help Justifying Your Conference Attendance? Here’s an Easy Process to Help Make it Happen!
Aug 26, 2013 by
Many individuals need to complete a cost/benefit analysis when considering a conference. We all do it in our head -- as we look over the speakers, see where the conference is being held and lastly peruse the cost -- which can be expensive. But even if you are convinced you must be there, your management team may want something more. Rather than fighting with them, why not give them what they want?  Below is a tool you can use to help justify your attendance. Use the parts that make t...
How to Pick a Partner When Renting Audio Visual Equipment
Jul 29, 2013 by
Today's meeting budgets often contain audio visual equipment as one of the top expense items. Yet, as I talk to most meeting planners about AV, it is still the least understood budget item. And the truth of the matter is, now more than ever, it is important to forge a long-term relationship with an AV partner as interactive technology tool rentals change and become more integral to a meeting's success.  Here are the four questions to focus on when choosing an AV partner. It isn&...
Six Surefire Ways to Secure New Sponsors for Your Meeting or Event
Jun 24, 2013 by
Sponsorships for a meeting and event used to be easy. You would pick up the phone -- tell them the date, location and sponsorship levels -- and voila, within minutes the decision would be made and within days a large check would arrive at your office.   This is not true any longer. It isn't your event that is the problem, it is that organizations are just becoming more and more selective about what events they sponsor and they don't necessarily want to be "sold&quo...
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