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Zero Waste to Landfills? Take a Lesson from the London Olympics
Aug 09, 2013 by
Believe it or not, the 2012 London Olympics sent zero waste to landfills. Through a concerted effort of recycling and composting (62% of it) plus converting the remaining waste into energy, they achieved this amazing feat. Considering the London Olympics hosted over 12 million individuals at 26 different venues throughout SE England makes their results even more remarkable.   The International Olympic Committee did not do this alone. They had help from the European Pathway to Ze...
Real-Life Examples of How Meeting Professionals Use iPads at Their Events
Jul 31, 2013 by
Recently I followed a LinkedIn discussion where the following question was asked: "What's your favorite way to use iPads at events?" Three meeting professionals participated in this discussion sharing their real-life use of iPads in this environment. Here is a summary of their commentary as well as more information about each app and the overall benefits of iPad technology.   Jill Mendoza, Meeting Architect at Kinsley uses an iPad for the following:  Note t...
How Green is Your Meeting? 20 Simple Ways to Make it Ecofriendly
May 31, 2013 by
With a growing world population, increased concern about global warming and landfill limitations, it is in the best interest of the meeting industry to limit all resources used at any event. One of the ways to get everyone on board and involved is to announce that from now on, all of your meetings and events will be "green". If you have already adapted green policies, great! But if you are looking for ways to improve the ecofriendliness of your event, here are 20 simple ideas th...
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