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Gone in 60 Seconds: Help Your Presenter Nail Their Opening Remarks
Sep 23, 2013 by
The old adage by Will Rogers "You never get a second chance to make a good first impression", holds true even with the most sought out professional speaker. Bruce Kasanoff from Now Possible, recently shared on LinkedIn that the first minute of a speaker's stage presence will garner his or her success ratio with the audience. It boils down to this: If they are engaged, they will listen. If they are not, they will quickly get distracted with their mobile devices.   ...
4 Tips to Get in Touch with the Needs of Your Meeting Attendees
Aug 30, 2013 by
Almost every planner I know, tries to effectively read the pulse of their audience -- whether it be through paper and pencil surveys, observing body language or responding to complaints. We want to keep our attendees learning and happy. But in today's digital world, are surveys even relevant? Won't attendees just let you know how they feel? To learn more about what the participant wants and whether or not you met the mark, intelligent surveying needs to be completed.  Christophe...
5 Fabulous Ways to Get Everyone in Sync at Your Next Sales Meeting
Aug 28, 2013 by
If you are in sales or manage a sales team, how many times have you attended a meeting only to leave it bored, frustrated or confused? Most reps would concur that many sales sessions are downright inefficient because they don't adequately address the true reason they are brought together... meet or exceed the sales quota of the company.  A realistic plan to meet quota usually does not happen. The meeting becomes a complaint fest. Or the manager has loaded his or her ta...
So Little Time and So Many Speakers! 5 Minutes to Effectively Judging a PowerPoint Presentation
Aug 21, 2013 by
As much as we would like to get away from PowerPoint, it is still the number 1 presentation method used by most speakers and facilitators. However, now more than ever, you need to review the slides to make certain the message is right for your audience. You can no longer take for granted that presenter is the subject matter expert on effective PowerPoint presentations. You are. But you have so little time -- how will you manage?  Take the next 5 minutes to read this blog for eff...
4 Fantastic Ways PowerPoint Presentation Equipment can Help “Break the Ice”
Aug 14, 2013 by
Icebreakers are a great way to help set the tone for a meeting or event, especially when you have a lot of individuals in attendance that do not know each other. Icebreakers help participants to relax, get to know each other better and create a team environment.  The key to a great icebreaker is the content and the timing. It needs to fit the demographics of the group and it can't be too long or too short -- it needs to be just right.  Here are four ways to break the ice: &nb...
13 Ways to Curate Great Content at Your Meetings and Conferences
Aug 05, 2013 by
Have you ever thought... Wouldn't it be great to collect photos, videos, and text content from as many attendees as possible on a real-time basis? Now there is a way to do so! With the assistance of mobile devices, great apps and interactive technology tool rentals, meeting organizers can easily gather data from attendees. While there are many benefits of allowing attendees to create and curate event content, the best benefit is your ability to use their words when selling next y...
Do Your Meeting Presentations Have Legs? 10 Killer Ways to Get Them Going
Jun 19, 2013 by
One of the things most speakers and event organizers desire is for their presentation or meeting to live on and on in the digital stratosphere. If the proper planning takes place not only can this happen, but it can build brand awareness about your organization, products and events. An "optimized" presentation is just that utilizes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques within a presentation to drive home the organization's message. Here are ten things you ca...
Pearls of Wisdom about Presentation Preparedness from TED’s Curator Chris Anderson
May 29, 2013 by
Every speaker wants to accomplish three things by the end of their talk: Have great stage presence Be well liked and accepted by their audience and Obtain additional speaking gigs or be asked back to speak the following year Chris Anderson, Curator of TED (Technology, Entertain and Design) stated in the latest edition of Harvard Business Review that most speakers miss the boat because they are uncomfortable giving presentations. His mission is to help inexperienced presenter...
Six Savvy Techniques to Bring Your Next Sales Meeting to Life
May 15, 2013 by
  Whether your organization has one large national convention per year or several smaller meetings throughout the year, the purpose of bringing sales professionals together is to train, motivate and reward them for their hard work. However, due to the nature of sales theses days (larger territories, quotas and remote support staff), many sales meetings are suffering from dwindling attendance. The key to a successful sales meeting is to create an agenda and environment where reps WANT ...
How to Give Your Next Meeting a “Dinner Party” Feel
Dec 28, 2012 by
Most of us have been to and hosted dinner parties over the years. However, the best ones are when everyone goes home happy. The atmosphere was great, the food superb and everyone genuinely had a fantastic time. Wouldn't it be great if our attendees buzzed about an association meeting, corporate event or training session in the same way? Why can't we make our professional meetings fun and interesting? With a little time, creativity and money it can happen! Below are 5 ways you can give your...
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