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Hyper-local: Location-Based Services Hype-Up Events
Oct 06, 2015 by
Location, location, location! What’s true for the real estate market is also true for businesses. With a mobile phone in nearly every attendee’s pocket, Event Planners are wise to tap into this unique technological opportunity—the chance to connect guests with content that is tailored specifically to their exact time and place. Location-based Content Boosts Conversions Real-time contextual marketing is becoming more mainstream and accepted each day, and for good reason. We’ve all had m...
Public Relations – Speed and Timing are Everything
Oct 01, 2015 by
The Internet has completely changed how we communicate. People from all over the world can connect with each other in the blink of an eye. And our ability to communicate and tap into the Web using technology gives us incredible opportunities in both our businesses and personal lives. For anyone in Public Relations, this unparalleled ability to communicate via technology can be an incredible asset. This also means that now, more than ever, timing and speed is everything in public relations. Be...
The Secret to Making Your Next Big Meeting a Success
Sep 26, 2015 by
Meetings. We all have them. No matter what business or industry we’re in, meetings seem to be a fact of the working life. And if you want those meetings to be productive, the key is to make sure that those attending are going to be engaged with the people, the process, and the material. Microsoft conducted a survey of businesses several years ago and found that people spend 5.6 hours each week in meetings; 71 percent of American employees reported that these meetings "aren’t very productive...
Easily Create a Private Network with a Wireless Array Station
Aug 25, 2015 by
The success of any event rests heavily on the quality of WiFi, including both access to the Internet access as well as speed, safety, and ease of use. No longer is it satisfactory to simply provide WiFi for attendees and exhibitors. Event attendees and exhibitors expect instant, safe access for not just one device, but for all their devices. Which means that event WiFi has to be designed and setup to handle the maximum number of devices at peak usage times. The truth is that most built-in venue...
Ask the Experts: Why Do You Need Custom Programmed Kiosks?
Aug 13, 2015 by
Kiosks are revolutionizing business. As the self-service movement sweeps across all industries and into every consumer demographic, businesses have only two choices—adapt to the new consumer preferences or fall behind the competition. While it’s easy to assume that only B2C purchasing is affected, B2B marketers know first-hand that large-scale purchases are still determined by human decision-making, and the self-service movement is changing both business realms. From grocery store check-out...
The Eyes Have It: Ideal Screens for Event Production
Jun 09, 2015 by
Nothing beats visual input. “Seeing is believing,” as they say. For business events, there is no substitute for the images that clearly and immediately convey your message to your audience. For events, style and content are two critical factors that determine success—how impressed guests feel by their experience and how much they understand and retain the event’s mission. Beauty and Purpose: Lead Your Guests with Technology that Attracts Attention Digital screens or projection screens c...
Making those Event Connections App-en
Jun 04, 2015 by
Connecting with others is one of the primary reasons most of us attend events. We use events to meet like-minded people and as an opportunity to connect with people who are likely to become part of our customer base, or who can potentially enhance our business in other ways. Though technology is now integrated into most aspects of business and networking, the human element should not be underrated, because in the end, events are about people meeting people. And whether you manage an event, have...
What You Need to Know about Twitter Walls
Jun 02, 2015 by
Chances are good you’ve heard about Twitter and Facebook and other social media channels. You probably even use one or more social media channels in your business to build a larger customer base and to be able to interact directly with your customers. And if you’re progressive with your event social media, you’ve thought about or already used social media to create hype before an event. For example, maybe you have used Twitter to create more buzz around your upcoming event by tweeting ann...
Increase Sponsorships with Modern Day Cyber Cafés
May 21, 2015 by
Remember cyber cafés? Cyber cafés were traditionally set up as a place for people to access the Internet. For trade shows and conferences, these “cafés” opened up a great opportunity to increase sponsorship revenue. The café itself was usually a computer or tablet resting on a table, and the sponsors could be advertised on a printed table tent or something similar. Now, however, people are accessing the Internet via their smart phone, so there is no need for a traditional cyber café. H...
Get Your Show on the Road – Technology Tips for Mobile Tours
May 19, 2015 by
Many businesses have events that hit the road, crossing the country with multiple stops in dozens of cities. For business events that travel, efficiency and consistency are the most valuable assets. Whether for: Product Launches Multi-Regional Training Sessions New Store, Branch or Location Openings User Conferences across Multiple Locations Financial Industry Investment and IPO Road Shows Political Events and Campaigns Mobile Marketing Campaigns For many companies, mobile tours are par...
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