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How Virtual Event Learnings Can Improve In-Person Conferences and Exhibitions
Jul 12, 2021 by
When the pandemic required that business-to-business event organizers switch to virtual events overnight, it was nerve-wracking for many. Besides being unfamiliar with an entirely new event model, planners struggled with the technology, learning curve, and design philosophy. While challenging, good came from it. A year later, some learnings from virtual events are poised to change the way organizers run in-person events. Technology will play a significant role. What stakeholders love about vi...
Why Use a Production Studio for Your Hybrid Event?
Jun 28, 2021 by
Remote production studios made a lot of sense during the worst of the pandemic. They offered virtual event producers television-quality broadcasting while safeguarding the health and safety of the presenters and crew. Now that hybrid events are emerging, there are even more reasons why an off-site studio can be an asset. Broadcast quality matters. When a presentation must be high quality—the new CEO making her first address to the remote workforce, for example—and the company does ...
Go Hybrid or Hold Out for 100% Live?
Jun 08, 2021 by
There’s another cliffhanger in the global events industry. Last year organizers had to decide whether to wait out the pandemic with no event or quickly launch a virtual event. In 2021, many organizations find themselves choosing between going 100 percent live or going hybrid (live + virtual). If you're on the cliff, here are some of the benefits of hybrid events to help you decide. Higher attendance One of the most obvious and often-cited benefits of hybrid is the potential increase ...
How To Configure Your In-Person Event For Hybrid Success
May 24, 2021 by
Producing a hybrid event is not as difficult as you might think. With the right equipment, people, and processes in place, event organizers can make their in-person events hybrid able. Here are some of the main elements you need to think about. Hybrid event strategy In any event—in-person or hybrid—strategy always comes before planning and execution. Hybrid events require more inclusive thinking about how each component (marketing, programming, implementation, access) impacts both in-...
What To Consider When Planning Your Transition To A Hybrid Event 
May 11, 2021 by
Like many event planners, you still may be recovering from the quick transition from in-person to virtual events. The move back to face-to-face meetings doesn’t need to be such a jolt, especially since you can take the best parts of virtual events with you. Here are some things to think about as your in-person + virtual (hybrid) event takes shape. First, define hybrid. The term "hybrid" is broad. A 50,000 person in-person conference with just one remote speaker or visitor is a hybrid ev...
Best Practices for Virtual Presenters
Apr 06, 2021 by
Tips and Tricks for Presenting Virtually Let’s face it, a lot has changed within the past year, and knowing how to present yourself in an online meeting can mean being more aware of your personal style, as well as your environment. In our recent webinar, The 2021 Partner Imperative: 5 Reasons Why DIY Events Won’t Cut It This Year, our panelists provided tips and tricks to help keep your presenters looking, feeling, and sounding flawless. Stand Up and Be Seen First, for everyone’s ...
Help Sponsors and Exhibitors Maximize Their Investment
Mar 11, 2021 by
Providing ROI for exhibitors and sponsors is hard, and many feel they are not getting the same value in the virtual space. Everyone started out by trying to replicate the tradeshow floor experience, but we all quickly learned that things are not the same in a virtual world.  Yet sponsors and exhibitors have not changed their goal of reaching the right audience to sell their products or services. Education regarding how to engage in new platforms is critical for success. Set Your Exhibitors a...
Planning for Successful Attendee Engagement
Mar 09, 2021 by
For many, the best part of being at an in-person function is catching up with industry colleagues, sharing ideas in a classroom setting, and having a cocktail or dancing the night away after the event ends. Though we find ourselves thrust into this Zoom world, the need to connect, network, and share in a meaningful way is still there. We know that engagement is important, but it’s difficult to achieve in the virtual world. Begin Engagement Prior to the Event Your audience is online more tha...
What Price Is Right?
Feb 23, 2021 by
In the new age of virtual and hybrid experiences, attendees are still looking to be educated, inspired, and motivated. On the flip side, exhibitors and sponsors are still looking to reach attendees and trying to determine how to best maximize their event investments. Now, more than ever, you need to differentiate your experience by adding value for your attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. And you may be asking yourself, what price is right? First things first, understand your audience, spons...
Virtual Platforms are Not Virtual Events 
Feb 10, 2021 by
Event organizers and planners were thrust into the unfamiliar territory of virtual and hybrid events in 2020. Most had to rise to the challenge very quickly with internal resources. In doing so, many realized that they needed an external partner to take the production planning and technology burden off their shoulders.   Platforms are not events; events require coordination and people working behind the scenes with the goal of delivering your message and bringing people together. The bi...
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