Virtual Platforms are Not Virtual Events
Nov 25, 2020 by SmartSource

We are all hopeful that live events will return soon, but consummately prepared event planners are equipped to ride the virtual and hybrid wave a bit longer. This means event professionals need to understand virtual meeting platforms, the benefits and limitations of each, and when to call in professionals.

Platforms are not events; events require coordination and people working behind the scenes with the goal of delivering your message and bringing people together. A virtual meeting platform is an important element of any virtual event. However, it is just a tool. It’s important to ask yourself if what you need is a DIY software platform, or if it would be beneficial to bring in a partner to help produce the event. The biggest consideration is whether you have the team necessary to learn the software and produce the event from A to Z. All events are different and may require a different solution. There is no one-size-fits-all.

“It’s very important for organizations to be able to focus on content and have a really good partner to aid you in technology so if and when things go wrong, they can help.”

– John Rubsamen  |  Senior Director of Meetings and Events, Americans for the Arts

How and when do you decide to engage an external partner to help produce your event? Here are a few things to consider:

  • What virtual platforms do you have available internally, and will they meet your event objectives and format?
  • From registration to post-event engagement, your chosen platform will need to help you reach your event objectives, pre, during, and post-event. Ask yourself these questions:
    • How many presenters will you have?
    • How many attendees do you expect to attend?
    • Do you need interaction tools, polling, Q&A?
    • Do you need pre-recorded, live stream, or both?
    • Will you require breakout sessions?
    • Would this be better as a hybrid event?

Based upon answers to the above, does your internal team have the time and technical “know-how” to support your event?

There are several delivery platforms in the marketplace, and many have the same capabilities, but the platform selection should ultimately serve your needs and event objectives.

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