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Reduce Event Internet Costs through 4G Cellular Technology
Feb 17, 2015 by
By Tia Crawford In light of the 2014 complaint against Marriott regarding Wi-Fi blocking, Event Planners and Event Managers are looking for ways to ensure the best possible Internet connections for their guests, while also avoiding outrageous hotel network service charges that blow their budgets. As we become more dependent upon the information and connections that our devices and the Internet provide, Wi-Fi service has become a vital utility for events, and now it’s the center of an importan...
Maximizing Your Event Social Media
Feb 13, 2015 by
No one wants to put on an event that is considered a failure – either by the attendees or management. And like everything else in life, it’s all a balancing act between time, money, goals, and priorities. It’s good to remember too that just because something doesn’t “cost” anything in dollars, it does not mean that it won’t require other resources, such as time. Social media is a good example of this. Yes, you can use Twitter or Facebook for “free” since you don’t need to pa...
Five Ways to Augment your Event with 3-D
Feb 11, 2015 by
By Tia Crawford FIVE exciting trends that successfully break the two-dimensional exhibit barrier! Now more than ever, events need to be a feast for the senses. Whether for a trade show booth, a fundraising gala, a product launch, or an advertising and marketing event, attendees must feel like the information presented is reaching out to grab them! Augmenting an event with 3-D interactive technology is an excellent way to involve guests’ eyes, ears, and touch in a way that is impossible to ig...
6 Steps that Create Connections at Trade Show Booths
Feb 05, 2015 by
By Tia Crawford Trade show exhibits represent a significant investment for a business. Between the costs of renting a booth, the expense of the exhibit display itself, and the price of sending staff, it’s important to see a significant return on the investment. As with any event planning, it’s essential to never lose sight of the target audience and to always think from the perspective of the end user. Use demographics as the basis for every aspect of your decision-making. What age groups...
10 Trade Show Technology Techniques
Jan 29, 2015 by
By Tia Crawford Trade shows are an ideal way to bring your concepts to a targeted audience. You need to deliver information on your product or service to the stream of attendees passing your booth. Whatever the focus of your trade show booth may be, you can be certain of one thing: Technology Will Help You Deliver Your Message A trade show booth operates under a certain budget, a definite timeframe, and a limited amount of floor space. Despite these restrictions, the trade show floor holds va...
Engage More of Your Audience – Designing for Color Blindness
Jan 27, 2015 by
Engage More of Your Audience – Designing for Color Blindness A great deal of our advertising comes in the form of what we see or read – from magazine ads and websites to billboards along the highway and video walls at trade shows. And there is no doubt that creating something that is visually appealing can have great impact and potential sales conversions. But what many businesses fail to realize is that they are often leaving out a noticeable part of the population when they don’t creat...
3 Content Tips for a High-Impact Video Wall Display
Jan 15, 2015 by
You probably already know that large Video Walls are a great technology tool to create visual impact at a trade show or other event. But what many people don’t realize is that even though big can instantly draw attention, it’s important to do more than put up your usual content if you want to get the greatest impact out of this technology.  You need to create specific content and images for a video wall and then make sure your content matches well with the video wall specifications. Tip 1:...
8 Technology Options that Drive Training Sessions
Jan 13, 2015 by
By Tia Crawford A training session has clear goals, and a company’s progress depends upon its success. Training events move a company forward. They can refocus the efforts of a department, team, or the business in general. They boost morale and motivation. Most importantly, they fine-tune and advance the skills of the workforce, ensuring that corporate goals are being met—ensuring that the company is projecting excellence at all levels. Simply put: Every business needs a trained workforce....
Product Launch Technology Done Right
Jan 07, 2015 by
Your product launch is a critical aspect of your company’s marketing campaign. The launch will define your product, differentiate it from its competitors, and initiate your customers into its advantages and usage. Not only is it the official unveiling of your product, but it spearheads the direction and momentum of all of the marketing and advertising that is to come! A product launch comes with a LOT of pressure! Product Launches need an AUDIENCE With the average person’s schedule constan...
Why Using a Digital Document Library is so Useful at Events
Dec 30, 2014 by
If you’re gearing up to create some spectacular events in 2015, there are a few elements that have to be included if your event is going to be powerful and memorable for the attendees. As we’ve written about before, interactive technology is big and only going to get bigger. Interactive technology is becoming one of the must-have elements for any successful event today. We live in a time where using a touch screen is becoming second nature. In fact, you’ve probably experienced touching a ...
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