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8 Technology Options that Drive Training Sessions
Jan 13, 2015 by
By Tia Crawford A training session has clear goals, and a company’s progress depends upon its success. Training events move a company forward. They can refocus the efforts of a department, team, or the business in general. They boost morale and motivation. Most importantly, they fine-tune and advance the skills of the workforce, ensuring that corporate goals are being met—ensuring that the company is projecting excellence at all levels. Simply put: Every business needs a trained workforce....
Product Launch Technology Done Right
Jan 07, 2015 by
Your product launch is a critical aspect of your company’s marketing campaign. The launch will define your product, differentiate it from its competitors, and initiate your customers into its advantages and usage. Not only is it the official unveiling of your product, but it spearheads the direction and momentum of all of the marketing and advertising that is to come! A product launch comes with a LOT of pressure! Product Launches need an AUDIENCE With the average person’s schedule constan...
Why Using a Digital Document Library is so Useful at Events
Dec 30, 2014 by
If you’re gearing up to create some spectacular events in 2015, there are a few elements that have to be included if your event is going to be powerful and memorable for the attendees. As we’ve written about before, interactive technology is big and only going to get bigger. Interactive technology is becoming one of the must-have elements for any successful event today. We live in a time where using a touch screen is becoming second nature. In fact, you’ve probably experienced touching a ...
SSR – 10 Ways Technology can Boost Fundraising Events
Dec 24, 2014 by
By Tia Crawford Now that we’re deep in the season of giving, we’ll take a little time to look at the remarkable ways that technology has changed the landscape of fundraising events. Although fundraising galas will always rely heavily on a beautifully decorated venue, exquisite dining and excellent entertainment, technology is—not surprisingly—becoming more and more prevalent in these events. Here are some of the many ways that technology can support and enhance your efforts—encouragin...
The Many Ways ARS Rentals Can Engage Your Attendees
Dec 23, 2014 by
If you are an event professional, you have probably conducted some meetings and wondered what your attendees thought about it. You might have been so lucky to receive random comments here and there or had about 10% of your attendees fill out a paper survey; but truth be told there is a much easier and faster system available. What is it you might ask? Audience Response System rental units of course! This blog will focus on the best way to prepare and use ARS devices in your meeting - from the p...
Equipment Rentals Empower You to Say “YES” to Every Job
Dec 18, 2014 by
I used to run a business, and one day we decided that we wanted to create some promotional collateral that would require some video. So, I called a guy that I knew in the area (let’s call him Joe) who had a reputation for producing quality videos. As we began to discuss my business’ creative vision and conceptual ideas, it became apparent that we were also going to need a green screen. Well, Joe didn’t have a green screen. He apologized for not having the equipment necessary to handle our ...
6 Way Attendees Get Annoyed and How Planners Can Make it Right
Dec 16, 2014 by
As we move through the holiday season, it is the time for festive parties and gatherings. A time to reflect on what irks our attendees the most and ways to improve upon the meeting planning process this month and in the coming year. Sometimes the "little things" that are overlooked in the planning cycle become big things which can lead to poor attendance in future events, meeting participants leaving early, and scathing social postings about your organization and event. Six Things That Can Re...
SSR – Socially Savvy Events
Dec 12, 2014 by
By Tia Crawford Events are always about making social connections—even when they’re about budgets, product launches, sales figures, rallying employees to get them excited and energized (or any of the two million other reasons that businesses participate in or organize events), the real reason behind getting people together is . . . getting people together. The human element is the most important difference between sending a memo and holding a meeting. For this reason, no matter what the off...
Interactive Event Technology Trends for 2015
Dec 11, 2014 by
If you’re planning on exhibiting at any events in 2015, or you’re an event organizer and you’d like to know what you should be thinking about when it comes to your technology choices, read on. We recently had a chat with Steve Shatsoff – Senior Vice President at SmartSource Computer & AV Rentals to get a glimpse into upcoming event technology trends for 2015. Steve has been in the technology rental business for decades, so he has a good perspective on what trends are coming up that a...
Technology Solutions That Make Us Thankful
Nov 26, 2014 by
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, in a previous article titled “What to be Thankful for at Your Next Event”, we talked about some of those little things at events and conferences which are worth noticing and being grateful for. Those of us who work in the business of technology have a lot of reasons to be thankful. Technology is a tool which can save a life, serve as an inspiration, and it can support leaders and speakers to help get their message out. And most of us here would not have the bu...
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