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3 CSR Apps that will Get Attendees Engaged at Your Event
Jul 07, 2014 by
Whether you are managing a nonprofit, association or corporate event planning staff, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is all the rage with attendees. They want to do good and give back. But the truth of the matter is they have very little time to serve on boards or do manual labor. Given that criteria, here are three apps that can run on iPad or laptop rentals. They can give attendees flexibility in their giving or you can set a goal as to how much you want to raise by the end of your conf...
5 Ways Technology Can Tout Your Next Event
Jul 02, 2014 by
At last March's, South by Southwest conference, interactive event technology was all the rage. From virtual reality to 3D printing, marketers were showing their offerings to the 150,000+ attendees. While BizBash highlighted many of the innovative offerings, I am going to focus on five of them and include trade show technology rentals that you can use today to help your products stand out from all the rest.  SPOTIFY THE HOUSE Spotify, an app that allows you to stream millions of songs, of...
4 Ways to Turn Off Trade Show Attendees
Jun 27, 2014 by
You worked so hard with your organization, event planning staff and the show manager to obtain the right position on the floor. You spent hours combing the best marketing materials and tchotchkes to provide. And last but not least, you spent thousands of dollars to fly yourself and staff to the 3-day conference.  When it was all said and done - what was the result? Less than stellar leads and staff that were bored out of their mind.  Before you go blaming the show manager or event ...
7 Super Questions to Ask Your Lighting Partner
Jun 25, 2014 by
Lighting - just like sound - can either enhance or degrade your attendees' meeting experience. Lighting is meant to set the mood and create an atmosphere where meeting participants feel invited and welcome. Most organizers, when event planning, rely solely on the venue to provide lighting options. However, the right audiovisual rental company can provide a plethora of excellent lighting options for your next event. The key is to determine who can and cannot meet your lighting needs. BizBash r...
Perfecting Your Sponsorship Pitch in 8 Easy Steps
Jun 23, 2014 by
It doesn't matter how much you hate to do it, it must be done. I'm talking about getting out there and asking for sponsorships for your next meeting, conference or trade show. Most individuals in the event planning arena, postpone this like a trip to the dentist or doctor. And this is knowing that sponsorship dollars are even tougher to get. What can you do to make those dollars flow your way? Eventbrite recently posted a blog about the 15 ways to perfect your pitch deck of which I gleemed som...
Bring Your Conference Enthusiasm Back to the Office in 3 Easy Steps
Jun 19, 2014 by
Have you ever attended a conference so jazzed when you left you thought your feet were off the ground? You heard great speakers, absorbed new content and made a list of 15 things you want to do differently when you return to the office.  The problem?  No one heard what you did and when you share with your team the content, you receive a less than enthusiast response.  This is exactly what happened to Dan Berger and Trever Lynn from Social Tables, an event planning company, wh...
3 Ways Planners can Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve
Jun 17, 2014 by
I think most event planning organizations would agree with this statement: Meeting planning used to be a whole lot simplier. Food & Beverage, Rooms Blocks and renting Audio Visual equipment was a breeze. No worries about food allergies, attendees going around the block or confusion about what to rent.  In the meeting room, it would be coffee, a stage, podium and PowerPoint Presentation Equipment. Easy-peasy. Attendees were happy. Presenters were happy. Sponsors were happy.  So,...
4 Fantastic Ways to Find Attendees for Your Next Conference
Jun 13, 2014 by
As a meeting planner myself, I understand the struggles you have in achieving maximum attendance at your meetings and events. It seems as if everyone is in "last minute" mode and I know a number of associations have taken the penalty fee stance for walk-in or late registrants.  Rather than fighting the attendee to come to your event, shouldn't there be a better way to get them there? Here are 4 ideas that were originally inspired by The Meeting Professional magazine. I h...
Survey Results Can Shape a Better Conference Experience
Jun 11, 2014 by
SAP recently held their Sapphire Now in Orlando for 20,000 attendees. Based on feedback from meeting participants who attended last year's conference, the event planning team at SAP really stepped up to make this user conference everything the attendee wanted. Michael Trovalli, Vice President of Global Events at SAP, recently shared with BizBash, "The top two things (attendees) want is to hear the thought leadership and future vision of the company from our senior executives, which we've alwa...
How MiFi Screws Up Your Meeting in So Many Ways
Jun 09, 2014 by
Everyone has heard or used them: MiFi. HotSpot. Personal WiFi. But what you don't know is with everyone setting up their individual WiFi system in the meeting room or on the trade show floor, it can wreak havoc on your event WiFi solutions. Here is a definition of MiFi and what four event planners have say about it from an up close and personal point of view.  MiFi Defined A MiFi device can be connected to a cellular network and provide Internet access for up to ten devices. The MiF...
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