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Zero Waste to Landfills? Take a Lesson from the London Olympics
Aug 09, 2013 by
Believe it or not, the 2012 London Olympics sent zero waste to landfills. Through a concerted effort of recycling and composting (62% of it) plus converting the remaining waste into energy, they achieved this amazing feat. Considering the London Olympics hosted over 12 million individuals at 26 different venues throughout SE England makes their results even more remarkable.   The International Olympic Committee did not do this alone. They had help from the European Pathway to Ze...
What is the Future of Meeting Wi-Fi? Free or Fee?
Aug 07, 2013 by
In the July edition of PCMA Convene, four individuals shared their thoughts on the ongoing debate about "free vs. fee" Wi-Fi and creative ways to keep these costs down. One thing is for certain: Wi-Fi demands are not going away. In fact, with the increase in native apps and processor speed, Wi-Fi will continue to be more and more important in the event industry.    As the "free vs. fee" debate rages on, it is clear most individuals do not want to pay for it. I...
13 Ways to Curate Great Content at Your Meetings and Conferences
Aug 05, 2013 by
Have you ever thought... Wouldn't it be great to collect photos, videos, and text content from as many attendees as possible on a real-time basis? Now there is a way to do so! With the assistance of mobile devices, great apps and interactive technology tool rentals, meeting organizers can easily gather data from attendees. While there are many benefits of allowing attendees to create and curate event content, the best benefit is your ability to use their words when selling next y...
Top 3 Meeting Trends for the Remainder of 2013 and Beyond
Aug 02, 2013 by
It is hard to believe that the end of 2013 is only 5 short months away! Because I usually start any new year with a few meeting industry predictions based on the experts in the field, I thought it would be appropriate to look at a few more trends as we move toward the close of 2013.  Andrea Driessen, Chief Boredom Buster for No More Boring Meetings recently shared in MPI one+ magazine her predictions as to what is on the meeting horizon. Below is a synopsis of her thoughts and ways in...
Real-Life Examples of How Meeting Professionals Use iPads at Their Events
Jul 31, 2013 by
Recently I followed a LinkedIn discussion where the following question was asked: "What's your favorite way to use iPads at events?" Three meeting professionals participated in this discussion sharing their real-life use of iPads in this environment. Here is a summary of their commentary as well as more information about each app and the overall benefits of iPad technology.   Jill Mendoza, Meeting Architect at Kinsley uses an iPad for the following:  Note t...
How to Pick a Partner When Renting Audio Visual Equipment
Jul 29, 2013 by
Today's meeting budgets often contain audio visual equipment as one of the top expense items. Yet, as I talk to most meeting planners about AV, it is still the least understood budget item. And the truth of the matter is, now more than ever, it is important to forge a long-term relationship with an AV partner as interactive technology tool rentals change and become more integral to a meeting's success.  Here are the four questions to focus on when choosing an AV partner. It isn&...
Is Your Meeting Prepared in the Event of a Disaster? If not, Check Out These 5 Ways to be Disaster Ready
Jul 26, 2013 by
No one wants to talk about it, but sometimes it just cannot be avoided. A disaster strikes your meeting and you need to have a plan because whether you like it or not, you are the "go to" person meeting participants will look to when something goes wrong.  Here are 5 common crisis statements and the technological solutions that can help any meeting planner be better prepared.  I don't have a clue as to what to do if disaster hits my meeting.  The Federa...
3 Major Meeting Failures that Drive Attendees Away
Jul 24, 2013 by
If you believe that old adage, it takes 20% effort to keep an attendee and 80% to gain a new one, it is in your best interest to keep existing participants coming back. While most planners know this intuitively, many struggle to fill the room and keep attendees returning year-after-year. If you are wondering why attendees are not returning, ask yourself the following question: "Are my attendees challenged, engaged and valued?"  If they are, they will continue to come to y...
3 Things About Trade Shows That Just Aren’t True
Jul 22, 2013 by
Recently, the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) released a study called "Attracting Attendees" where they surveyed 400 participants from 14 industries about their decision-making process for attending a trade show and what influenced them when they were on the floor. From this study, CEIR identified three major myths that most trade show managers and organizers believe to be true. Here is what they found:  Myth #1: Social Media is the major source of informatio...
5 Innovative Ideas to Introduce Technology Into Your Meeting
Jul 19, 2013 by
If you are a typical meeting professional, you know how technology can improve your meeting's efficiency, attendees' experience and exhibitors' ROI. However, with all that being said, you are still receiving resistance from management, attendees and exhibitors to change. Perhaps there is a better way to convince them. Below are five innovative ideas to introduce and keep technology in your meeting.  Create a Future Lab.  Rather than force the "latest a...
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