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What will 2013 Bring for the Meeting Industry? Check Out These Expert Predictions (Part 2)
Jan 04, 2013 by
As mentioned in Part I on Wednesday's post, the blog site Evenues recently posted the coming year predictions from 21 meeting leaders about everything from digital marketing to sustainability.  In Part 2 of the series, we will delve into meeting and event industry predictions.   In addition, we will share key takeaways for planners from these predictions.   MEETING INDUSTRY "I think 2013 will see the industry staying as is or a very slow increase in the industry....
What will 2013 Bring for the Meeting Industry? Check Out These Expert Predictions (Part 1)
Jan 02, 2013 by
As we close out one year and ring in another, it is a good time to reflect on what changes are in store for the coming year.  The blog site Evenues recently posted 2013 predictions from 21 meeting leaders about everything from digital marketing to sustainability practices. Their predictions are broken into 2 parts -- today will focus on changes from the attendee's perspective and Friday's post will delve into industry predictions.  In addition, I will share key takeawa...
How to Give Your Next Meeting a “Dinner Party” Feel
Dec 28, 2012 by
Most of us have been to and hosted dinner parties over the years. However, the best ones are when everyone goes home happy. The atmosphere was great, the food superb and everyone genuinely had a fantastic time.  Wouldn't it be great if our attendees buzzed about an association meeting, corporate event or training session in the same way? Why can't we make our professional meetings fun and interesting? With a little time, creativity and money it can happen!   Below are 5 w...
4 Surefire Ways to Hold Stress Free Meetings and Events
Dec 26, 2012 by
Okay, maybe I am stretching the truth a bit. There is no way to have a completely stress-free event and most of the time, a little stress is a good thing. However, since the job of Event Planner is considered one of the most stressful jobs you can have, I thought it might be a good thing to try and identify some of the ways you can create a calmer environment as you move into the new year.  Here are 4 tips that help me keep my work and personal life in balance and I hope they can hel...
13 Steps to Holding a Fantastic Customer Appreciation Event
Dec 21, 2012 by
December is a month full of personal and professional obligations. Personally, there are parties, shopping and gift giving to do. Children have time off from school and because it gets dark so much earlier, many times going home after work to wrap presents and send out holiday messages is very appealing. Professionally, this is the time to reflect on the accomplishments of the past year and plan for what your organization wants to do in 2013. Often times this requires meetings and planning se...
Proprietary Event? The New Trend in Events.
Dec 19, 2012 by
What is a proprietary event? Very simply it has only one focus -- your brand, company or association. It is all about your messaging with no distractions from one-off sponsors, exhibitors or other brand managers in the organization. It is about YOUR message -- all the time. And as we go into 2013, event meeting services organizations will see more and more of this type of event.  In fact, according to Sparks, a global event marketing agency, proprietary events are expected to double ...
Can Technology Really Help You Build Better, Deeper Relationships with Your Attendees?
Dec 17, 2012 by
An event services company's dream is to hold a great event where everyone is extremely happy with the outcome. The attendees all rave about the event, the speakers can easily engage with their audience, the exhibitors are getting valuable leads and the sponsors are seeing real value in the dollars they spent.  A recent newsletter by etouches, an event software company, stated that technology on many fronts can assist event planners with this process. Many of us think of technology a...
5 Successful Measures of a Great Conference Experience
Dec 14, 2012 by
Last May, Rutgers University hosted "The Big Ideas in Higher Education Conference" which was produced by Tony Doody, Director of Programs and Leadership at the university. According to attendees and sponsors, it was a wonderful event because it had great content, the production was fantastic and the venue was perfect.  So what made this event so special? What can other planners learn from Tony? Here is a summary of what speaker Mike Brown, a blogger for Brainzooming, b...
Meeting Planner’s Basic Guide to Wi-Fi and Bandwidth Terminology
Dec 12, 2012 by
Everyone has heard the terms Wi-Fi, bandwidth, Internet browsing and video streaming. And you know these capabilities are important to the attendee, speaker and exhibitor. The problem is the process to deliver these offerings is complex and the terminology is well...technical. However, understanding the basic premise and terms of Wi-Fi and bandwidth will go a long way to determining your meeting needs as you look toward 2013 and beyond.  This blog will define the terms Wi-Fi, Bandwidth ...
The 3 Fantastic Ways Technology is Changing the Landscape of Events
Dec 10, 2012 by
There is no way around it -- technology in the meeting and event industry is here to stay. It isn't a fad or the wild, wild west any longer. It is part of our every day lives and as we move into 2013 and beyond, it is going to be a bigger piece of every meeting coordinator's budget and logistical planning process.  Event Manager's Blog recently posted an infographic called "How Technology is Changing Events." They identified 11 technological changes. Today we will ...
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