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Are Your Meetings Successful? How to Gather More Effective Attendee Feedback
Dec 07, 2012 by
Many planners ponders this very question at the end of each meeting: Was this event successful? Planners usually are in one of two camps about this -- EITHER they use their intuitive skills to determine if it was a great meeting by talking to attendees, speakers or the conference services staff OR they rely heavily on the data generated by asking questions that attendees answer via wireless audience response systems or mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.  The ...
Is Your Event WiFi Expense Killing Your Budget? Learn 3 Ways to Avoid it.
Dec 05, 2012 by
Internet access for attendees is no longer a luxury at meetings and events -- it is a necessity. And the expectation for it to be fast and reliable has never been greater. However, for many meeting planners Wi-Fi is often an overlooked and expensive afterthought. Why? Because they do not take into account the number of devices, uses and demands Wi-Fi puts on the broadband system. In the end, they are either making excuses as to why the system is too slow (or worse, unavailable) or they are ...
3 Surefire Solutions to Generate More Event Sponsorships for Your Meeting
Dec 03, 2012 by
Every event planner has to do it...those dreaded solicitation calls to potential sponsors for your next conference or meeting. It is really the last think planners want to do, but just like many things we have to do in life, it is one of those tasks you need to do for the fiscal health of your meeting.  However, 5 or 10 years ago, sponsorships were easy to come by. Suppliers seemed to be waiting with baited breath to be called and were honored to plunk down $10,000 to introduce your ...
5 Defining Moments When Planning Your 2013 Meetings
Nov 30, 2012 by
Everyone who owns or runs an event services company is busy, busy, busy. Most planners run from one event to the next without much of a break. However, since December typically represents event planners' "down time" of the year, it seems appropriate to take a hard look at the reasons you have meetings and events in the first place and how the planning process can be improved in 2013.  Here are 5 things to pay attention to as you move forward with next year's events:...
Want a Well-Connected, Successful Event? Rent iPads and Wireless Network Arrays!
Nov 28, 2012 by
If you are looking to take your meeting to the next level by allowing your attendees maximum portability and efficient, fast connections -- look no further than to the versatility of Apple iPads and the reliability of Wi-Fi network rentals that can support up to 1,000 devices. When an event offers iPad rentals and attendees use their own smartphones, event venues need more access points to handle all these devices. Adding a Wi-Fi network array ensures that the event has the best connectivit...
What are the Risk/Reward Factors in Outsourcing Event Audio Visual Rental Equipment?
Nov 26, 2012 by
Your organization is in the process of assessing the number, location and needs for your meetings in 2013 and beyond. Even though you own some audio visual equipment, it is becoming increasingly apparent that your aged equipment and bare-bones staff is not in a position to keep up with the technological demands most speakers and attendees desire.  So now you are faced with a dilemma -- should you keep forging on with the same-old equipment OR rely on the conference services staff to ...
How a Thanksgiving Get-Together Can be Like an Event
Nov 21, 2012 by
Have you ever considered what you might learn from a Thanksgiving gathering when planning your next meeting or conference? Here are 5 simple things we can all garner from this day of food, rest and relaxation! #1: You always know the day.  Thanksgiving falls on the 4th Thursday of November. Always. No exceptions.  How about your meetings or events? Do they always fall on the the same date, month, or time of year? Have you conveyed that information to your attendees or emplo...
The Do’s and Don’ts of Hosting a Successful Corporate Holiday Party
Nov 19, 2012 by
Your annual holiday gathering is just around the corner and this year, you want it to be extra special for the employees. After all they have worked very hard and it is a time to celebrate your company's success. Rather than holding a run-of-the-mill luncheon, you want to host a motivational and festive party to start the new year right.  Below are do's and don'ts about holiday parties that can help make the moment special:   Don't treat a holiday party as a mu...
Is Your Meeting Stuck in a Plateau? 3 Ways to Push Past it
Nov 16, 2012 by
Is your meeting stuck in a time warp? Are you doing the same thing you did 5 or 10 years ago? Are you avoiding change because you don't want to go out of your comfort zone?  Many meeting planners know the event process so well they rarely want to change it. Embracing change doesn't mean losing ground with your company, client or attendees. It means you are willing to look hard at your event and do what is absolutely necessary to make your meeting robust and exciting.  ...
How to Hold Effective Meetings Before the Big Product Launching Event
Nov 14, 2012 by
Your company has decided to introduce a new product or service and has put in place a team of individuals from all over the country to coordinate the launch. Since this will be the first time everyone is working together, it is decided among the group that a series of meetings is in the best interest of all concerned in order to have a successful launch. But are all those meetings really necessary? Here are some tips and techniques for a product launch event to keep you focused on the p...
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