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5 Essential Elements for a Successful First-Time Meeting or Event
Sep 17, 2012 by
Sometime in your meeting career, you will need to plan a first-time event. The first gala or golf outing. The first employee gathering of a merged company. Or the first national user conference. Whatever the first meeting or event is, there are 5 essential elements that can make your planning process easier and get your attendees excited to come to this brand new event. They are as follows:  1) Have measurable and realistic objectives.  Having clear, definable goals will hel...
Step-by-Step Speaker Selection Checklist to Prepare You for Your Next Meeting
Sep 14, 2012 by
                                           You have been put in charge of obtaining top-notch speakers for your 2-day conference next year. Your budget numbers are limited and unfortunately most of the organization's volunteers are engaged in other priorities. So, it is up to you to find them and negotiate their contracts. Where do you start and what do you do? Here are 10 sequ...
Want Attendees to Feel Connected to Your Meeting? 4 Interactive Technology Tool Rentals That Can Help
Sep 12, 2012 by
There are so many technology options available for meeting planners, it can sometimes make your head swim. Smartphones, Tablets, and Laptops. Meeting apps and social channels. Video Walls and LED lighting. It seems as if every day, something new is being announced or enhanced. How does a poor meeting planner keep up? Start with identifying your needs, determine if technology can help, and then read about the latest and greatest options available to you.    Highlighted below are ...
11 Tips to Determine if a Meeting Room is Right for Your Group
Sep 10, 2012 by
                  The meeting room -- and how it is set up -- sets the tone for your event . Whether you are conducting a training session or holding an association conference, each meeting room needs to be thoroughly evaluated.  There are 3 important characteristics of any room set up: The room itself, the seating arrangements and the conference equipment rentals. Lets focus on these indicators and give you a better chec...
What is Your Meeting Reputation Index? 4 Ways to Learn from Winners
Sep 07, 2012 by
Have you ever tried to assess what turns a good company into something great? The Reputation Institute conducts an annual global survey of more than 150,000 ratings collected from about 47,000 consumers and has determined that reputation is impacted more by what you stand for than what you sell. So, who's at the top and what can an event services company learn from these reputation leaders? This is the focus of today's blog.  BMW, SONY, Disney, Google, Apple, and Micr...
5 Questions to Ask About iPad Apps for Your Next Meeting
Sep 05, 2012 by
As you look at technology options for your next meeting or event, make certain you are not implementing "technology for technology's sake." Choosing the right interactive technology tool rentals requires 3 parameters: the right hardware device, the right apps, and the right attitude.  A good option may be to rent iPads which have been outpacing laptop growth and adaption over the last 12 months. But even though an iPad is the thing attendees may want, it is th...
The Power of Numbers: How Your Event Partners can Help You Build Meeting Attendance
Aug 31, 2012 by
Quick: Think about your last meeting. How many organizational partners touched your event? You may be surprised when you add it all up -- from speakers to the caterer to the conference equipment rental organization. And the list goes on and on. Would it surprise you if the number was 25? Or even 100+ with a large event and trade show? And what if you asked them this simple question: "How are you going to help me market this event?" As your event services company looks at...
Ins and Outs of Hosting a Hybrid Event
Aug 29, 2012 by
After many discussions with your team and stakeholders, you have decided to hold a hybrid event in order to extend the reach of the meeting content to remote attendees. Whether you are faced with the reality that some people have  stopped coming to your annual event due to economic or scheduling difficulties or you are trying to reach potential attendees that might be enticed to attend your live meeting in the future, hybrid events can be an attractive offering to associations and comp...
Why Offer Digital Signage at Your Next Meeting? Let Me Count the Ways!
Aug 27, 2012 by
A year ago or more, the prospect of digital signage was overwhelming to an event meeting services organization. It was so much easier to order expensive one-time use posters, plastic signs and hire staff to direct and answer questions of attendees, exhibitors, and speakers. But this is not the case any longer. With the cost of technology coming down and massive improvements in IP-streamed video, digital signage will become more and more the norm within the event industry. Lets focus on ...
Why Virtual Meetings Will Never Replace Face-to-Face Conferences
Aug 24, 2012 by
      It seems as technology becomes better, cheaper, and faster, senior managers push their event teams to look at the virtual alternative. While it is true that a lot of the issues with virtual meetings have been minimized -- such as buffering and crashing systems -- there is a time and place for each meeting option. Today's lets focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the Face-to-Face and Virtual format. What it really boils down to are these 3 questions planners ...
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