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Do Tight Budgets and Sustainable Practices Go Together?
May 21, 2012 by
  AND   Everyone in the meetings industry wants to go green, but many think sustainable practices such as a paperless conference are just not doable because of the cost. Here are 6 innovative and cost-conscious ways to be more earth friendly without driving your budget into the red. Exchange Paper for Apps. Examine your conference binder. How much does it cost you to print each one? Include the cost of the paper, printing, binder, shipping, and the time the staff takes i...
10 Easy Tips to Improving Your PowerPoint Presentation
May 18, 2012 by
PowerPoint presentations are -- by far -- the largest single way we communicate our message to the masses whether it be face-to-face, via a webinar, or using an Internet tool, such as Slideshare. However, the biggest complaints about PowerPoint presentations are: They are boring They are irrelevant or The presenter tried to cram too many slides into too little time. So, given that people still use Powerpoint presentation equipment to deliver the message, what can you do to...
5 Ways to Enhance the Attendee Experience: Show Them That You Care
May 16, 2012 by
Have you ever attended a 2 or 3 day educational conference, gotten home, and said to yourself, "Was that really worth the 2 to 4 days out of the office?" I have completed that assessment and to be honest, the last 3 educational conferences I attended my answer was a resounding -- maybe.  Wouldn't it be great however, if you felt that a conference was developed just for you? With your interests and needs in mind? I know that is unrealistic, but it isn't unreason...
Mashable Connect’s Mantra: Shorter Presentations are Better
May 14, 2012 by
Mashable, the largest independent news source dedicated to covering digital culture, social media, and technology, had its annual conference last week with about 300 attendees at Walt Disney World's Contempory Resort. This year was different, however. No presentation was allowed to go over 30 minutes and some were as short as 10 minutes. They managed 32 speakers in their 20 general sessions. On the first day, they were able to pack 4 different presentations into the first 90 minutes!&...
A Perfect Storm: National Travel & Tourism Week, the GSA Scandal, and Congress’ Reaction
May 11, 2012 by
National Travel and Tourism Week kicked off on Saturday, May 5th and will run until Sunday, May 13th. This annual salute to all organizations affiliated with the travel industry (including meetings, events, and suppliers, such as conference equipment rental companies) is meant to celebrate and champion the power of travel. But unfortunately, it sits under a huge cloud called the General Services Administration (GSA) scandal which has hit the industry hard by the cancelation of at least 1 ass...
Thinking about Renting Audio Visual Equipment? Here are 3 Key Benefits Why Rentals Make Sense
May 09, 2012 by
For generations we have been an ownership society from our homes, cars, computers, and everything in between. Today, in part due to the financial meltdown of 2009, we are becoming more of a renter society from renting homes, cars and everything in between. What is the reason for becoming more of  a rental society? The main reasons are because it is no longer considered a stigma to rent and the equity argument seems to be less and less relevant as home values continue to drop and are ...
Dede Mulligan Bio
May 07, 2012 by
De-de Mulligan, CMP, CMM has been an experienced meeting professional since 1993. She has planned, coordinated and executed over 1,500 meetings for groups from 10 to 10,000 individuals.    She has been an active blogger in the meetings industry since 2009, and writes meeting and event related pieces for AV Event Solutions, an audiovisual rentals and interactive technology tool rental company specializing in corporate and business meetings and events.    Mulligan ...
3 Great Tips to Being a Better Negotiator
May 07, 2012 by
Every event requires some negotiation by meeting planners whether it is making a simple request, persuading organizations to sponsor the event, or taking a hard line on pricing with suppliers. Often times planners think they need to be like lawyers or used car salespersons; trying to take, take, take and be totally adversarial. But it doesn't have to be that way -- there can be a different route to success.  Here are 3 tips to effectively get what you want and develop a win-win p...
What Event Planners can Learn from Yogi Berra
May 04, 2012 by
Ah..spring! The daffodils are out, the days are longer, and baseball season is in full swing. When I think of baseball, my mind often gravitates to great players such as Sandy Alamar, Johnny Bench, and Cal Ripkin, Jr.. But one player that probably is quoted the most often is Yogi Berra. Believe it or not, the funny sayings below can provide useful event meeting services insights. Here are 7 of his best quotes and how they relate to the industry. "You can observe a lot by just watc...
The Debate Over In-House vs. Outside Vendors When Renting Audio Visual Equipment
Apr 30, 2012 by
When event planners book a hotel or conference center, they are often told that they are required or encouraged to use their in-house AV company for the meeting. The pitch goes something like this: "We would like you to use XYZ Company for your event because they have all their equipment onsite, their pricing is available to you right now, and they are very familiar with our venue."  Sounds good, right? Maybe yes and maybe no. Here are 6 things to consider when engaging w...
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