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How Your Next Meeting Can Be More Like the Super Bowl
Feb 08, 2012 by
The infamous Super Bowl has turned into America's new holiday. It draws us in with all the hype of Christmas and the 4th of July combined. It's viewership is greater than the World Series and NBA Finals. And the Super Bowl Party is usually attended by couples who may have a football aficionado and a football ignoramus, who are usually married to each other. What is the appeal and what can event meeting services companies learn from the Super Bowl? Plenty! Here are some tips to carry forward in y...
Check, Check, Check…Can You Hear Me? The Importance of a Great Sound System
Feb 06, 2012 by
Great sound in a meeting or event is something most planners take for granted...until they experience that screeching microphone or the entire system goes dead. So what makes up a good sound system?   Lets explore the definition and use of microphones and mixers, as well as, understanding the importance of room accoustics, having event audio visual rental personnel on site, and last but not least, the infamous soundcheck.  First, understand the room accoustics, which is how sound beh...
5 Myths Regarding Great Speakers and What Event Planners Can do to Stop Them
Feb 03, 2012 by
When putting together a conference with a lot of speakers, often times meeting planners put their faith in other staff members to select and prepare the presenters. Or worse, they let them wing it. Either way, meeting planners that get caught up in the aura of a name or are intimidated by the title behind the speaker are setting themselves up for potential failure. Below are some common myths that speakers and event organizers alike, need to be aware of and be prepared to shatter at their next...
What Meeting Planners Can Learn from InfoComm International
Feb 01, 2012 by
Misaligned LCD projectors, poor screen resolution, and slow Wi-Fi were not present at InfoComm International's conference made up of 33,000 audio visual, communications, and systems-integration professionals. Here are some of the tips outlined by Jason McGraw, Senior Vice President of Exhibitions for InfoComm International and what meeting planners everywhere can learn from his experience. Tip#1: Produce CAD diagrams for each meeting session. This process will allow planners, conferenc...
How President Obama’s Travel and Tourism Initiative Benefits the Meeting Industry
Jan 30, 2012 by
On January 19th, President Obama signed an Executive Order pinpointed to increase international travel to the United States from 3 primary countries: China, Brazil, and India. What does this initiative mean for the event meeting services industry? Here is a breakdown of the Order and how it will translate into benefits for meeting planners and suppliers. Currently, the U.S. travel and tourism industry represents 7.5 million jobs of which 1.2 million of those positions support international trav...
5 Ways to Find More Meeting and Event Clients
Jan 27, 2012 by
In Ronald Brown's book "Anticipate. The Architecture of Small Team Innovation and Product Success", he spells out the steps that we should go through in finding more customers. Many individuals think this process is a mystery, but Brown is quick to point out that customer discovery requires the 5 steps listed below. He also states as long as you are methodical in your approach, you will be successful. Here are the steps with an added bent toward the event meeting services industry...
How to Fire Up Your Sales Team, Especially in Tough Times
Jan 25, 2012 by
As the saying goes, "It's tough out there." This can be especially true when it comes to morale of sales professionals who are experiencing a higher than normal rejection ratio. Many salespeople are also nervous about the job security, especially if 2011 wasn't a particularly spectacular year. As sales managers prepare to talk to the troops, here are some simple things they can do with the presentation, room setting, and environment, especially with event audio visual rental equipmen...
Are Your Training Sessions a Waste of Time? 5 Smart Ways to Fix Them
Jan 23, 2012 by
Training Seminars are often viewed as energy and time vacuums. Most people don't want to sit through the latest HR policy changes, software updates, or necessary prep for a product launching event. Employees would rather be doing their work at their desk or out of the office networking and prospecting. Anything but training.Of course, training is necessary in order for employees to learn and make certain they know what they are talking about, especially when speaking with prospects and customers...
How Annual Meetings are Ch-Ch-Changing
Jan 20, 2012 by
In 2009, when the recession came into full tilt, many associations and corporations saw a significant drop in their annual meeting attendance. Some organizations, including the Newspaper Association of America even canceled their meeting that year. Others, like the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) saw an attendance reduction of 40 percent.  As a result, many associations knew they had to add innovation and change into their program in order to survive. At PCMA's Annua...
Want to Rent iPads for Your Next Conference? Overcome the 4 Major Obstacles
Jan 18, 2012 by
It seems as if tablet technology is everywhere, but for some reason, it isn't integrated into your meetings yet. So, what is holding you back? Below are common obstacles most meeting planners face when considering ipads and tablets, and here are some creative ways to overcome them. Obstacle #1: "I don't have it in the budget."This is the most common reason planners don't rent tablet PCs. Here are some ways to justify the cost, without experiencing significant cost overruns. Here they a...
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