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Spring Celebration from AV Event Solutions
Apr 22, 2011 by
E v e r y s p r i n g i s t h e o n l y s p r i n g - a p e r p e t u a l a s t o n i s h m e n t . & n b s p ; ~ E l l i s P e t e r s & n b s p ; & n b s p ; C e l e b r a t e S p r i n g a n d a l l t h a t i t h a s t o o f f e r ! F r o m y o u r f r i e n d s a t
6 Benefits of Using Kiosk Rentals for Tradeshows and Events
Apr 20, 2011 by
Computer kiosks are durable and ideal for tradeshow and event use. This technology usually includes a touchscreen monitor, PC that is encased in a locked, durable cabinet, and wireless Internet. The best things about this tool is it can be utilized 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, requires minimum set up and take down, and does not have to be manned by a person.Touch Panel Kiosk Applications Include: Self-service event registration: This is ideal at a large conference where many of the atten...
Ways to Motivate Your Attendees with SUCCESs (no this isn’t a typo)
Apr 18, 2011 by
 How many of you have been to a PowerPoint presentation that looks exactly like this? Speaker walks up to the front of the room and thanks everyone for being there; Runs through a black and white PowerPoint Presentation with about 60 to 75 crowded slides in 55 minutes; Rushes through a 5 minute Q & A and; Skates out of the room at the end to catch a plane or car. I have been to a million (okay a little exaggeration) of these and in the interest of full disclosure, I ha...
How to Use “Crowdsourcing” at Your Next Association Meeting
Apr 15, 2011 by
Crowdsourcing, as defined by Wikipedia, is the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by one person, to a large group of people (a crowd) through an open call. It was developed to solve complex problems and allow multiple people to contribute with a variety of relevant and fresh ideas.  Crowdsourcing was first coined by Jeff Howe in Wired magazine as combo word for "crowd" and "outsourcing". Henk van Ess, a social media strategist, said "Crowdsourcin...
4 Creative Ways to Use Audiovisual Rentals at Your Next Networking Event
Apr 13, 2011 by
In today's fast-paced, technology-crazed world, it would appear that standard face-to-face networking events have gone by the wayside. But with more people moving to home offices, it is important that business networking events continue to exist and thrive. Here are a few reasons why we need to take time to attend and how AV can help in the creative process. Networking events increase visibility. The name of the game is top-of-mind awareness. When someone is planning an event, you want th...
Meeting Industry: Does Your Company have a Golf or Baseball Mentality?
Apr 11, 2011 by
         Think about the sports of golf and baseball; couldn't be two of the more opposite type of games. Golfers compete against themselves and are constantly trying to improve their own game. Even though professional golfers are ranked, it is more about how they did at that last tournament and how they are going to improve on the next one.Now let's take a look at baseball. 25 members on a team that are concerned about beating the competition and ultimately winning...
Why Video Capture on Computer Kiosks is Important at Events
Apr 08, 2011 by
Video is one tool, other than face-to-face interaction, that turns booth visits into sales Video engages...trainers are using video versus print media to explain concepts Video sets the an event, it can compliment other presentations Video adds impact...nothing works better than action and color  To get an example of video's effect, consider a MasterCard commercial. You could read, in black and white, the following information:  Hot Soup $4 Cold...
4 Things to Consider When Comparing Tablet PC to iPad Rental Units
Apr 06, 2011 by
Whether you opt to rent iPads, iPad 2s, or Tablet PCs, the marketplace can be confusing, especially with a plethora of similar-looking tablets available. Let's look at 4 key factors you need to consider:First: Do you need Android-based Tablet PCs at your Meeting or Event?Tablets are the go-between devices of the laptop and smartphone. They are lighter than a laptop and they can provide attendees an easy way to check e-mail, browse the web, and utilize the same meeting applications. In addit...
Creative Ways to Promote Interaction Before, During, and After the Meeting
Apr 04, 2011 by
Attendees are hungry for the interactive format at meetings and events. Meeting planners need to find creative ways to meet this need before, during, and after the event by keeping the conversation going. Below are some technology tools available to you to keep the creative juices flowing at your next conference. SURVEYS and POLLS Before the Event Surveymonkey provides a free online tool that allows you to ask potential attendees what they want at the meeting via a series of clo...
The New Way for PowerPoint: PechaKucha
Apr 01, 2011 by
PowerPoint is still the most widely used presentation system in the world. However, many attendees are frustrated with the over use of PowerPoint and are demanding a better way. Enter: PechaKucha 20x20. Below, is an explanation of the format and why many event organizers may see more use of this format in 2011 and beyond. What is PechaKucha 20x20? It is a simple presentation format where the presenter may only have 20 slides and they can only spend 20 seconds on each slide. The whole presentat...
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