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When Should AV Companies Start Marketing to Meeting Planners?
Jan 21, 2011 by
Six event meeting services professionals recently weighed in on LinkedIn as to when AV organizations should start marketing to meeting and event planners. Below, is a synopsis of their quotes, but as you will see, the AV company needs to be involved early and have an excellent reputation. Here's what they had to say:Katie Jackson, Director at Sg2, states "The AV is a core component of my budgets and can be an area prone to increases, depending on the client needs, so the sooner those n...
Is Attending the Meeting or Event Worth it? Five Things to Assess ROI
Jan 19, 2011 by
As an event meeting services professional, you know how important it is to attend professional development industry events and trade shows. However, you also are aware how hard it is to measure the results of your attendance at a 3-day show in Vegas vs. staying in the office making sales calls and attending to your existing client base. Here are some ways to start to measure ROI to help you build your case to management.According to Investopedia, Return on Investment (ROI) is a performance ...
5 Must Haves for Training Programs
Jan 17, 2011 by
What should your next training program look like? Whether you are developing a program internally for your organization or contracting with an outside training firm to build and deliver it, below are the 5 must haves you need to make it a great success.#1 How Much Time and Where Will it be?Is this training going to be 2 hours, 1/2 day, full day, or over multiple days? Is it going to be on-site or off-site? These questions need to be addressed before you decide on content or select...
5 Ways Suppliers can Build Better Partnerships with Association Planners
Jan 14, 2011 by
Suppliers as partners? How can this be? The new mantra in 2011 is to build valuable and sustainable relationships in the association community. In order to do this, suppliers in the event meeting services industry need to develop a keen understanding of how associations work and the type of association events they host. An association is any group of people who have joined together for a particular purpose, ranging from social to business. It can be formal, with rules and/or by-laws, and me...
Touch Screen Technology – Understanding The Ins and Outs
Jan 12, 2011 by
Should you rent touch screen technology for your next event? It can be a cost-effective solution for your next meeting, event, or conference. Lets explain the technologies available and potential applications for a more engaging meeting. Fundamentally, there are three types of touch screen units: Touch Panel Kiosks Touch Screen PCs, such as an iPad or Tablet PC or Touch Screen Smartphones What are the differences between the three and how would you use them at your next meeting or...
LCD vs. Plasma Monitor: Differences Explained and How to Use Them in an Event Setting
Jan 10, 2011 by
 According to PC Magazine, a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) is a flat panel screen that uses liquid crystal technology. This type of screen is usually connected to a computer and laptops use LCD screens almost exclusively.According to Wikipedia, a Plasma Display Panel (PDP) is a type of flat panel common to large TV displays and the pixels (which determine screen resolutions) rely on plasma cells to bring forth the image. So which technology is better? As in the case of beauty, it is oft...
Recap: What Worked and What Didn’t in 2010
Jan 03, 2011 by
Event meeting services organizations dealt with reduced budgets and less staff while still trying to keep their meetings high caliber. So what worked and what didn't? Here are three meeting professionals prospective on what worked and what didn't in 2010.Didn't Work: Let's have a meeting because you always had one.Worked: Setting an agenda with a clear purpose. "Every meeting should have a clear purpose and desired outcome. This should drive the agenda, who is invited, how the mee...
Happy New Year from AV Event Solutions
Dec 31, 2010 by
M a y Y o u r 2 0 1 1 b e & n b s p ; Y o u r B e s t Y e a r E v e r ! F r o m Y o u r F r i e n d s a t
2011 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Meeting Planners
Dec 29, 2010 by
The economy is in the process of recovery which means more companies are likely to increase the number and workload of events in 2011. Some event meeting services planners have already had this happen. "Things have been pretty much the same for the Levi's brand event landscape for the last five years," said Michael Mecham, CMP, Event Manager for Levi Strauss. "But I am feeling it ramp up now." At Kellogg's, Senior Meeting Manager Karen J. Sweet, CMP, noted, "We have had ...
Audiovisual Basics for Novice Event Planners
Dec 27, 2010 by
So you are new to the event meeting services industry. Congratulations! Now you are ready to plan your first event, and you are wondering about this budget line item called audio visual. Renting audio visual equipment is one of the most important budget line items because it helps make the presentation come to life. Regardless of the type of event, appropriate sound and lighting rental, projector and screen rental, and Powerpoint presentation equipment will play a part in determining the su...
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