Conference Rental

Whether your conference requires technology rentals for 100 attendees or 1,000+, SmartSource has the conference solutions that can help. We offer conference technology rentals for:

PowerPoint Presentations

SmartSource Rentals can provide both Windows-based and Mac laptop rentals, microphones, sound, lighting and projectors for any keynote or large group presentations.

Breakout Rooms and Workshops

As you know, user conferences provide a variety of subject-specific workshops throughout the day. Depending on the venue, these may be in different rooms, floors or even buildings. SmartSource Rentals can provide the right combination of technology rentals for each of these scenarios, including any specific configuration requirements you may have.

Attendee Tracking Systems

In addition to the technology for the event itself, SmartSource Rentals can work with you to provide attendee tracking using our lead retrieval system rental that allows you to get an accurate idea of how many people attended the conference, what workshops or breakout sessions were most popular and who attended which session.

Polling and Audience Feedback

In this age of instant connections, don’t wait to gather feedback from your users. Audience polling lets you access information straight from your customers. Audience Response System rentals are an interactive way to help you gain insight from attendees about the conferences instantly and anonymously.

Our Team Will:

  • Collaborate with you to identify your specific audio visual rentals along with any other conference services and equipment you may need; from renting computers to sound systems and all other equipment in between.
  • Deliver and install quality-tested, fully functional equipment on time.
  • Offer on-site technical support to immediately address any equipment malfunctions or concerns.
  • Regardless of where in the United States your event is taking place, count on SmartSource Rentals to supply all event technology rentals for easy conference planning services.

SmartSource Rentals is dedicated to making your experience as memorable and successful as your conference. Simply request a quote and one of our experienced Account Executives will turn around a quick response to you.